[HOW TO] Setting Winter Snow Depth

Now we can control the snow depth as we wish, this will be more advanced with dynamic winter coming later with all dynamic full season.


Didnt see that yet, finally. Thanks for the info going to have some winter fun in Alaska

I saw this snow depth earlier on episode, anyway this was to expected for dynamic weather\season on update.

Yeah cant wait for dynamic seasons

Just took a quick look and wow I’m surprised how well its now implemented, had a perfect clear day with nice snow everywhere and it even generated snow on trees and mountains, hills, roofs etc. Very well done. Now I really cant wait for the seasons to come

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One thing not fully working yet is if you change things it doesnt stick when loading into the flight, workaround is saving it as a custom weather profile and then load frommthat then works perfect

And fun fact sun melts the snow lol

Thats awesome!!

Beautifull Winter in Alaska


I tried it out in Gudauta today


Snow on trees and the details, if the wind blows you can see snow falling of the trees. Talk about realism wow.


Beautifull winter morning in Alaska. Loving this, all that is missing is that hot steaming cup of coffee lol


just in case you did not saw it [How To] Change Aircraft and Teleport In Sim

Yeah I seen the option and tried it, only thing i didnt like is that it resets your aircraft registration to the default. Unless i missed the option in there to do that

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how high dit you set the snow in this pic? As i tried out the snow settings, the runway was covered with snow every time…

Full depth, but sun melted some snow and it depends on location and how heavy usage the runway gets as usage also takes away snow like it would in real life

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