How to shut down the F18

Interactive checklist says pull throttles to OFF position. Anyone know how or what the keybind is for it?


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Cut throttle is keyboard bound to F1 by default. Haven’t tried this to see if it stops the flight for you, but that is the keybind.

I also haven’t figured it out yet. I use a Gamepad, Keyboard and Mouse and haven’t found a way to shut down the Engine. It seems that the Thrust Lever has to go one notch more back to cut off but don’t know how and couldn’t find any Keybindings for it. Help please…

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turning off the battery toggle worked for me

Haven’t the slightest bit of luck with a keybind, but using the mouse it can be done. Assuming default mouse controls, left click and hold on the throttle, then right click, the throttle should move back to the Off position and shut the engine down. Repeat for the other throttle.

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Thank you, didn’t know that it is possible with the mouse in this way. Works for me!

Just also made the experience that mouse right click on throttlelever shuts down the engine.

Thank you … the mouse controls worked.

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