[HOW TO] Switch planes in flight (or on the ground)

Ever loaded a flight, thought ‘Bummer… I selected the wrong plane for this’ and went all the way back to the Main menu to select another plane, set the flight up all over again and so on…? Here is a short and easy guide that shows you how to switch planes during a flight, no matter if you are on a parking spot, the runway or in mid-air.

  1. ‘Bummer… I selected the wrong plane for this’

  2. Hit Esc, click on General and then on Developers: turn Developer mode On, Apply & Save and hit Esc twice.

  3. You now have a menu in MSFS! In that menu click on Windows and then on Aircraft Selector. Pick your plane and click on Load.

  4. In the same menu click on [DevMode] and then on Exit [Dev Mode] to disable the mode again. (Credits to @pukigonzalez for this tip: I myself always went all the way back to the Pause menu to do this… facepalm. :wink: )

It is advised to do disable Dev mode again because logbook entries are not saved within this mode and it can cause issues with missions. Also take note that the loaded plane will use the default tailnumber. (Credits to @RealSei for these tips: I myself always disabled Dev mode simply because that menu looks ugly while flying. :wink: )

Yes, it takes a few steps and a few seconds but it sure beats having to quit the flight entirely!

(Why this option isn’t available by default, without having to use the Developer mode… I don’t know…)


IF you have Dev Mode activated … you can select from the Dev Menu

When switching plane like this it use the default tailnumber and not the one you choose when starting the flight.

It is advisable to disable the devmode immediately after use, as logbook entries are not saved with DEVMODE ON, and can cause issues with missions.

You can exit from Devmode (and remove that menu bar):
Select [Devmode] in the menu bar and there is the Exit Devmode option.

Thanks for the tips! The guide has been updated!

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