How to Take Off with the Stunt Plane

How in the world do you take off with the Stunt Biplane? Every time I get off the ground, it severely rolls to the left, and crashes, as if it has too much torque for its size. (Which it probably does).

Take off with about 70% power, enough adverse rudder. And keep the wings level

Ah okay. I tried taking off with various levels of power, even though it always says ‘Full Power’ for take off. I tried countering as much as I could, and it still did it. Guess I’ll have to keep trying.

Full power is possible, you just have to gradually increase it and know when the torque kicks in so you can counteract it with rudder

While not strictly about the take off (actually it’s more about landing), here’s a real pilot struggling to master his Pitts.
That thing must really be a pain (yet a pleasure) to operate…

They messed up the plane with the last update – before it was a little tricky to start and land, but now it’s next to impossible.

I got it! I forgot it was a bi plane, and would lift itself off the ground as it sped up. I was trying to pull up to take off, and I think that was messing it up some. Of course… my game crashed as soon as I tried to land, but oh well

As a real pilot I must emphasize how important it is to watch your speeds.

Do not pull back on the stick until you are well in the green range on the speedometer.
For landing it is even more important. Make sure to slow down early because it is hard to loose speed. Keep some throttle in the approach and be (in the prop planes at least) about 15 kts over the red range. When you " know " you will make the runway, cut throttle and typ to keep yourself afloat over te runway.

With a tail dragger you have to set it down a bit harder dan conventional gear planes since you want to touch the main wheels before the tail wheel