How to tell what the weather is at your destination (or any other) airport?

I was flying into San Luis Obispo yesterday. Real world weather was CLR 10SM+. The actual weather when I got there was probably 1/4SM…I never saw the airport…I went around and diverted. I’m not saying that it being incorrect is necessarily a bad thing…the same thing happens in the real world, though, ATC will let you know. In the sim, there was a cloud sitting right on the airport. My question is…how would I go about finding out what the weather is at some airport in the sim?

MSFS weather is based on and pulled from meteoblue there is an app u can download as well.

I use this
Sometimes isn’t 100% accurate, but even than it doesn’t differ much. The biggest differ is in rain/snow intensity, temp, air pressure and wind direction and speed are very close to in sim. For example, in sim wind is 240/8, at allmetsat is 250/6. For doesn’t make big difference.

How do you get Meteoblue to display which degrees the wind is coming from?

Thanks. I also looked at yesterday’s weather reports from the National Weather Service at yesterday’s weather for San Luis Obispo (they have reports for every five minutes) and it was clear all day. So, either we need a tool in MSFS or they need to tighten up the weather to match their weather so we can use real world reports.

2 excellent links, one for the weather forecast, the other for querying the metars.

That METAR viewer is perfect! At least you know what you’re flying into. Maybe they’ll add forecasts and scrollbars.

Does Unreal Weather change the weather globally? Not that it would be bad to do that when you’re close-in to your destination.

the only issue I’m getting with the Unreal weather is that, when it refreshes and capture a new Metar data, the entire weather changes then and there. So one thing you can see overcast clouds, then suddenly the clouds can disperse into broken clouds in a blink of an eye. It really ruins my immersion, if I’m being honest.

The built-in Live weather is good enough for me because the transition is smooth.

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I use Aeroweather (APP)…and then do a check with Flighradar24 to see if the Landing and T/Off runways are right before programming the STAR and Runway into my MCDU. Works for me.

I read about Meteoblue’s history (university affiliation) and poked around their web site a few minutes and signed up for a free account. While they don’t exactly spit out a METAR or TAF for us, they do provide all of the components we need to plan our arrival at destinations and alternates. Actually a very nice presentation of weather. Thanks for the direct.

METARs: AWC - METeorological Aerodrome Reports (METARs) (

The point isn’t to find METARS. It’s that the weather in the sim doesn’t match any METAR…it contains its own weather which, sometimes does, sometimes doesn’t, doesn’t match the real world. The link to the addon provided in this post solves the issue since it gives the in-sim METAR.

Perhaps, someday, the weather in the sim will match RW METAR but you can’t count on that today.


I think that’s just real world metar.

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You can check ATIS/AWOS/ASOS if you’re within LOS radio range, which works out to around 40nm in the sim. You just need to know the destination’s frequency for the reporting station.

For more accurate weather checkout But if within the sim then go to weather via the toolbar and click on metar. Select your origin airport. Or go to ATIS frequency via the ATC tab.

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Another method:
Open the vfr map, move it to the airport you would like and click on that airport icon.
It will open a box inside the vfr map showing most of the pertinent info you need.

Metar info, if avail for that airport, will be at the bottom. Scroll to the bottom of this box if you can not see it.

That’s what I do. Works ok.

There are several methods how to check the weather of a specific airport:

You can check METAR with the airport ICAO code in Google (ideal for users having live-weather running.)

Or in the Fenix Airbus you can sent a METAR request with the airport you find interesting or want to land spontanious with the MCDU, and get a detailed METAR mailed back on the MCDU screen.

It is also possible to google for the ICAO-code Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) or D-ATIS frequency for the airport you want to land, and simply tune in that frequency in your radio.
A voice will start, for example “automatic weather observation New York LaGuardia, altimeter two-niner-niner two, clouds at 5000 with light rain…”

I don´t know how far an ATIS-broadcast of a local airport can reach a so maybe it is not possible to receive an ATIS if an airport is 500 miles away.
Not sure I have not tested yet - I always listen to ATIS of the destination airport maybe 20 or 10 minutes before landing or so to set the QNH on the baro for the autoland.

Ah I love meteorology, sometimes I do this for pure interest without even landing somewhere :slight_smile: … look up any airport by its code … all the info you need…

ctaf/tower/atis/awos/approach/departure/ground/clearance-delivery frequencies … including quick download approach plates, and nearby radio navaids… runway info… etc…

The metar/taf, is real world… usually close enough… but the real world atis/awos frequencies correspond to MSFS… 99% of the time …

I use it on my phone…