How to unlock max sim rate?

In what files is option to remove locked simrate? For example, new a330 is locked on 2x max, is there any file to change log to unlock this?

I guess it’s using the A32NX Cockpit and System?

Then it’s an enforcement done by the Autopilot system that is intentionally added to ensure the AP is working properly. It’s not at all related to the SDK.

If you want to disable it you can have a look here, but use it with your own risk:

You need to create that configuration file in the work folder where the other configuration file is also found (i.e. for Throttle Calibration). Then set the appropriate values.

This is nuclear chemistry for me, where to find all this txt?

Where can i found this folder?

I manage to create ini file and put everything you said but i dont get more than 2x simrate​:sleepy::sleepy:

In my case the work folder is here:

That is the content of my ModelConfiguration.ini:

Enable development mode in MSFS and open the Console, then filter for autopilot :

This will show you what settings are actually detected and used.

Well…i did everything you tell and as you see on screen i dont have this on dev mode like you

I’ve just noticed that you talked about the A330 in your first post - I was talking about the A32NX.

Nevertheless, A330 uses code base from A32NX version 0.7.4, so most should be the same. Keep in mind that the configuration for the A330 is separated from the A32NX and needs to be placed in the work folder of the A330 and not of the A32NX.

I downloaded the A330 and loaded it:

Maybe activate the development mode already in the main menu and then load the plane. I’m not sure if the messages are stored when you activate it later.

Yes, now i see same screen like you, but still it’s max 2x simrate so obviously it’s something else that block 4x😔

Have you made the changes as in my first post for the A32NX? In my screenshot of the A330 I didn’t do that yet. Try the settings I’ve posted and put them in the work folder of the A330 and it might work!

Yes i did that for both a32nx and a330…dev mode shoing it’s returned from 8x on 4x but actually it’s running on 2x, pretty weird

How many FPS do you have overall?

Where do you check the sim rate?

30 fps is locked, and i use fs bandit app for simrate from beginning

How did you correct this issue . Did you manage to get to 4 x If you kindly share your solution if you do have one.

No, max 2x with a330…sometimes 4x when fly over seas and weather is clear…but basically only 2x is stable