How to use NAV 2?

The C172SP model I “fly” has 2 nav-comms. When flying an ILS with NAV 1 I need NAV 2 for position fixes. How do I set the NAV 2 nav frequency, and set the corresponding OBS for the needed bearing?
In the OPTIONS, the action for the N key says “Sequentially selects the NAV tuner digits for ue with +/-. Follow by SELECT 2 for NAV 2.” I don’t see any SELECT key anywhere.
Could someone please walk me through the exact key and/or mouse click sequence to set the NAV 2 VOR frequency and the OBS setting?

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Are you operating a Garmin-equipped or a steam gauge-equipped aircraft.

The process would be quite different for each type.

Is the 172 you are operating an included-with-the-sim aircraft?

As @NixonRedgrave said, it makes a big difference in how the mechanics work depending on what you’re flying.
As an example, I’ve attached a screenshot highlighting the various things that have to be used on the standard C-172 six-pack aircraft.

The panel of the C172 I “fly” is exactly as in your post.

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I’m using the C172 model that came with MSFS - no changes at all - on a PC under W11. I don’t know what “steam gauge-equipped” means, but from the appearance of the panel I would guess Garmin. The panel appears exactly as in the post from Habu2u2.
I have a screen shot of my panel, but don’t know how to add the image to this post - sorry.

They are asking “Does your C172 have a big computer screen or the little gauges?”


Steam gauge is the aviation world term for analog gauges.

If you are using the base sim 172 then you’ve got the Garmin G1000 NXi avionics.

In that case, you will focus on the PFD (Primary Flight Display), which is the display directly in front of your pilot’s seat.

In the interest of not dealing with keybindings, I’ll give you mouse-based instructions.

On the top left of that display are the standby and active NAV1 & NAV2 radio frequencies.

You tune those using the two knobs on the bezel of the display to the left directly under the label NAV. The outer, larger knob is for values to the left of the decimal place and the small knob is for values to the right of the decimal place. Left-clicking on the smaller knob and, while holding left mouse button, clicking the right mouse button will toggle the tuning between NAV1 & NAV2. You will see a cyan(light blue) rectangle around the selected NAV’s frequency that will be altered with the knobs. The button directly above the knobs with two opposite facing arrows will swap the currently selected NAV’s standby frequency with the active frequency.

I’d recommend choosing KSBP as your departing airport, zooming to details and choosing a parking spot to load into the aircraft parked and Cold & Dark. From this airfield we can tune to two different VOR and see how they appear on the PFD. MQO is 112.40 and PRB is 114.30.

Once you have turned on the aircraft’s battery and avionics power and have allowed the G1000 to go through its boot up process, tune both NAV1 and NAV2 to the aforementioned frequencies.

You will need to configure the PFD to display the VOR directions in the HSI compass rose at the bottom of the display. Press the soft key below the PFD Opt label. Then press the soft key below Bearing 1 once and press the soft key below Bearing 2 twice. Press the soft key under Back when you’re done. This will place two labels along side the left and right of the bottom of the HSI. The left for NAV1 and the right for NAV2. You can now see your distance and bearing to each of the tuned VOR along with their three letter identifier.

You will also now see two cyan arrows/needles on the HSI compass rose. The solid thin arrow/needle for NAV1 and the hollow fat arrow/needle for NAV2. If you wish to navigate with VOR1 press the soft key under CDI to switch the HSI to NAV1, press it again to switch to NAV2 (pressing it a third time returns it to GPS).

To navigate a course on a radial, use the triangular shaped knob on the display’s right-hand bezel. Above it is a label CRS / BARO. Turning this knob when you have the HSI set to NAV1 or NAV2 will rotate the green course arrow/needle and the corresponding bearing will be reflected in the little box at about 1:00 outside the HSI labeled CRS. As you rotate this knob you will see the course deviation segment of the green arrow/needle move left/right away/towards the center to indicate a direct course to/from that VOR.

Ingest all that and give it a go and see if you can make sense of it sitting in the aircraft at KSBP.

Hi @CrosscutTag1796
Based on your statement that your panel is like the one I showed you, I’ll try to cut through some fog here.
First, it sounds like you know how to set your VOR 1 correctly. If you can set the Freq/OBS for Nav1, then the process is exactly like how you set it, except you use the unit Below the unit you set up your Nav 1 info.
The top unit controls Nav 1 and the CDI unit for Nav 1 (directly to the left of the Nav 1 control unit).
The bottom unit controls the Nav 2 frequencies, and displays the information on the CDI 2 below the other CDI unit.
If your question is how to set the actual nav frequencies, then I’ll cover that too if you need it. Make sure you set the CDI button on each unit so “VLOC” (VOR/Localizer) shows on the CDI indicator.
More info to follow as needed.

P.S. As an alternative to help find your position, You can find the bearings to various VORs if you’re trying to locate your position by using the information on the top unit and calling up the “nearest VOR” page

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Geez, I completely missed that statement that the instruments matched @Habu2u2 screenshot.

Oh, well, I do enjoy writing…

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LOL. Ok, I snorted a little diet coke out my nose at your last statement! :joy: :joy: :joy:

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My 172 model has 2 separate small nav-comm panels - I seem to recall reading somewhere that they are the Garmin 530 & 430 (??).

Thanks to everyone for your responses to my somewhat basic problems - I’m new at this & still feeling my way around.

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@Habu2u2 would you concur it’s best for @CrosscutTag1796 to pull down the PMS versions of the Garmin stack? I would think the improvements would only help.

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I’d take @CasualClick recommendation to get the improved stack and learn to work with that.
Regards and Good flying!

From Microsoft’s idea of user guides, I’ve been able to set NAV 1 VR frequency and the OBS. I was not able to access the corresponding settings for NAV 2. Thanks for your help on this.

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Ooops. I think you meant “VOR”, but I read it as “VR”. Anyway, best wishes learning and using the mod.

I could try that. Where / how do I access the PMS versions & what must I do to install / activate it?

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