How to use Saitek Pro Cessna Yoke?


I try to get this yoke working, but even if i setup manualy everything, it is not working for example the axis are like binar and not analog …

If someone playing with this Yoke, could you please help me ?

thanks !

Check that the controls you have assigned to your yoke are not assigned to the keyboard and mouse as well.

Also run the windows game controller and check that the yoke movements are as expected i.e. analogue not digital.

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Check that the mappings for the yoke are set to the Axis settings. For example, there is a mapping for Elevator and also a mapping for Elevator Axis. Same for aileron. This is mine for my X-55 stick but the same will apply to your yoke.

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Thanks you sooooo much, i’m was not at home until today to test it, and this working perfectly now !!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:

I can finally enjoy flight in the SIM with this yoke :heart_eyes: