How to Write a Good Post

This post is to discuss how to write good posts in the FS forums. I’ve been reading the forums almost every day since MSFS was introduced last year. Most of the posts are well written and helpful, even those requesting help from the user community. However, a lot of posts are poorly written lack meaningful content.

In this post, I want to list a few tips for writing a good entry. And I suggest that respondents add to the list as they see fit.

  1. One of the most important things to do when writing a post is to give it a clear title. The title should tell the reader what the post is about so that he doesn’t have to open the post to find that out. Titles like, “What’s going on?”, “Please Help” or “Am I Going Crazy?” aren’t all that helpful. A good title might specify an aircraft type and question about a component or another aspect and let the user know why to read the post. Most of the time, when I see a post that does not specify a good title, I skip it to read one that does.

  2. In the post, tells us what you want us to know. Don’t assume that everyone will automatically understand a general comment about your problem or a simple photo. We don’t all share the same knowledge, so if you just put a picture and ask, “Why do I see this?” chances are many people are going to wonder what it is you are seeing.

  3. If you are discussing a bug, give us the details. What steps did you follow to expose the bug? What do you have installed, etc.? These kinds of details help users know how to help if they can.

I’m sure other things can help us communicate better, but these are a few things I’ve noticed that stand out. I hope this helps us write better topics so we can be more useful to the simmer community.