How well are missed approaches and alt destination modeled

I’ve come along way from the fsx auto pilot button days and have only just got into using simbrief and the fms now have only just started learning how to use the vor/ndb.

I am now trying to learn how to do missed approaches (not quite like the control tower vectors of fsx) and wanting to learn how to divert.
Are these things very well implemented/working in MSFS be it the stock aircraft and third party and how to implement them.
(Lots or tutorials of a go around but haven’t found how to perform a full missed approach or diversion)

Missed approaches
I noticed the missed approache comes up on some aircraft but it disappears I don’t know how to keep them up on the display or how to activate them, using the Tokyo airport in the city handea 34L as an example, there is ahard turn to the left and then holding north of the airport, is that autopiloted or is that all hand flown.

On simbrief it appears that there is a star at the beginning, does that mean I have to fly the approach again then “take off” and where do I program/activate it on the fms or do I have to somehow clear the current flight plan and just add in a whole new approach

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Working Title CJ4 or any plane with Working Title NXI should be able to do it for you if I recall correctly. Missed approach may or may not be fully programmed into FMS/GPS depending on airport or plane may or may not be modeled deep enough to trigger FMS/GPS to execute missed approach. For example in deeply modeled 747 I’m flying now it’ll execute missed approach when you push TOGA button assuming your MCP altitude is dialed back up to missed approach altitude

Generally it is best to consult the chart prior to TOD so you know what to do. Basically fly in heading mode first, reprogram GPS to fly you out to VOR or GPS fix and hold there. Or fly manual all the way out. Or if it’s VOR bound approach tune the standby radios to VOR and radial.

Diversion has nothing to do with STARS or approaches really. You divert due to weather, airport malfunction, airplane malfunction, passenger/pilot malfunction can happen at any time during the flight. You can pretend it’s due to weather do full approach execute go around hold at the fix for a circle or two and fly out to alternate airport from there.

On a brighter note your guessing game of whether it is a raw plane or it is you is almost over PMDG will be releasing their 737 in the next month. So if you can’t execute missed approach hold diversion in that plane it will most definitely be you :). Here’s missed approach for WT NXI

Thanks so much for that mate, I’ve been slowly learning how to implement and learn these missed approaches, I think that the A32nx is a little buggy and still no hold option.
What I meant with STARS, I ment SID (on simbrief there is a SID at the beginning of the routing for an alternative airport so was wondering what that was all about.
Can’t wait for the 737

There is not really a SID for an alternate. SID stands for Standard Instrument Departure that is the standardized sequence of waypoints you fly from the departing runway out to your first enroute waypoint. Simbrief does them at random. STAR is Standard Arrival Route which is SID in reverse routing from your last enroute waypoint over to your first approach to runway point or to vectors to final approach by ATC, Simbrief does those at random too. If we are talking alternates the routing to alternate is buried somewhere deep in the Operating flight plan an actual print out that simbrief generates and may include a STAR to that alternate. But it’s not apparent on the simbrief initial screen itself. The sample sequence of events if we are assuming an airliner with FMS is that you miss approach due to weather go to a holding point hold there and while holding you program secondary flight plan to an alternate airport if you haven’t done so in the very beginning exit hold, activate secondary flight plan and fly over to your alternate. Of course there is also enroute alternates meaning airports you divert to in the middle of the flight, with those you just fly heading mode or ATC vectors while reprogramming your FMS on the go.

I don’t know how it works in MSFS but in real life the missed-approach procedure is inserted into the flight plan automatically when hitting the go-around button (TOGA), or via an option in the FMS if missed approach is executed before reaching FAF / FAP.

Usually we put two flightplans into the FMS, might be company specific but for take-off we usually have the flightplan active from departure to destination, the secondary flightplan contains the engine-out departure procedure. In case of engine failure during take-off the engine-out is activated by activating the secondary flighplan.

Then in flight we program the secondary flightplan for diversion, from the last point of the missed-approach (usually a point where you return on the en-route segment or return for another approach) to the arrival route and expected approach at the diversion airport.