How will msfs compete with xp12?

With X-Plane 12 coming out soon there will be huge competition between the 2 flight sims my question is how can Asobo respond to X-Planes more realistic physics and more advanced aircraft, in my opinion Asobo went for quantity over quality on release but what do you think how can Asobo fight back?


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You have an unknown quantity versus an unfinished simulator.
Your topic appears to be premature.


Asobo has to fight back? If you look at market share, it’s xplane that has to fight back.

Hope they do well, since competition in the marketplace can only bring good things to us customers.

For me, xplane is simply not a real option, since I prefer VFR flying. Xplane still looks terrible for VFR. I’ll try the demo, but I doubt it’ll remain on my system for long.


MSFS already competes with XP12. It’s not getting any competition from XP12 in the key areas it’s already good at namely, high quality global visuals, photogrammetry, visual weather depiction (not necessarily accuracy). Because MSFS already also has several top-tier third party aircraft in categories from bush all the way to study level airliner (with caveats), it falls into the “good enough” category for many I suspect. My suspicion is that people who would have been drawn away to XP12 were already still on XP11 and not convinced by MSFS to begin with. Long story short, I don’t think there’s anything for MSFS to worry about.


in my opinion the first is minimal and exagerated but … with 1000’s of points of contact versus the ONE in xplane (everything affects a Single Reference Point, ice wind etc) its obvious to me that the flight model will eventually far surpass anything xplane can deliver
the advanced aircraft is a non issue - the basic Provided aircraft are no more ‘advanced’ than ms/Asobo’s and with the addition of many high end aircraft already and more coming to msfs almost daily … the commercial side only has better choices … for now


I will definitely buy XPlane 12. It will be amazing. I also enjoy Microsoft flight simulator. I also own XPlane 11, and still fly it from time to time. I think the flight sim community is all the better with both XPlane and Microsoft flight simulator in it. So in answer to the question, they don’t need to compete and should be able to coexist.


There is no competition.

Please understand this that Xplane 12 is not coming out to compete with MSFS. It is just a newer version of Xplane with better graphics and flight model and is aimed at those who still enjoy their time in Xplane 11.


The two sims have there own share of users.

MSFS has a much better and more detailed scenery and has a build in flight planner.
In my opinion the flight model of XP11 was slightly better then the flight model of Asobo and the multi monitor support was far beyond the capabilities that MSFS currently offers.
XP12 new lightning, water, cloud models looks good, also the new ATC look promising.

What XP12 will bring and how far and fast they will go in development after it’s release, we have to wait and see. On this moment it is MSFS that sets the benchmark on detail.


Yep, hope they do well. It doesn’t matter who raises the bar, we all benefit from better sims.


If X-Plane have a strong partner such as Google then it will be possible to create a detailed sim like MSFS did with Bing.


Same pointless discussion over and over again over here.

I’ll keep it short this time - there is no competition, it’s different markets:

professional simulation for aircraft development and flight training with certified hardware (b2b) vs. consumer simulation for entertainment and home usage (b2c).

In b2c you are only allowed to play a more limited version of XP - it’s not the thing they make their money with.


XP12: “I feel sorry for you.”
MSFS: “I don’t think about you at all.”


Let’s be real here Xplane does have a very advanced flight engine, they’ve been developing it for ages, but it all comes down to the ability of the aircaft devs to leverage it.

In the end though for all the noise people make about flight models, it’s really isn’t the massive selling point some think it is. The ‘feel’ of the plane is such a subjective thing, even real pilots of a type will disagree about whether it’s realistic or not. As long as the plane flies as you expect and aligns with published performance figures most won’t look much further than that.


Oh okay ty i tried to find it but it didn’t show up on my phone

Yea definitely X-Planes vfr has never been a selling point but i think its more for IFR flying but thats just my opinion

As said in the third post Xplane 12 is very much an unknown quantity and so we can only guess the extent to which it will be better than Xplane 11. Even when released (fairly soon I think) it will also be very much a beta type product for quite a long time too.

Having said that I would guess that it will be an evolutionary update to Xplane 11 with slightly improved visuals and a few other non revolutionary improvements. I am sure though that the Xplane fans will be more than happy with it.

As for me, I will probably buy it because I have a lot of addons for Xplane 11 which have a decent chance of being updated and working with the new version.

My chief concern is whether it will be as well optimised as FS2020 which gives me far, far better fps than Xplane 11.

Whatever Xplane 12 is like it would be great though if we could avoid both here and on the Xplane forums fans of either sim taking blatant inflammatory pot shots of the competing sim. That just gets boring real fast and is totally unnecessary in my opinion.


Possibly more than 2 years, like MSFS2020.


Yes, perhaps :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you’re speculating about user numbers, the question might be turned the other way round. How can XP12 compete with MSFS given the latter’s significantly lower ‘barrier to entry’ owing to availability on Xbox and via cloud gaming. It’s a reasonable assumption that XP12 user numbers won’t come close due to the fact that it’s only on one platform.