How's live weather today

am i the only one to have winds, but no clouds and live weather ? like rain, clouds etc ?

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Here in West Yorkshire it’s cloudy, windy and very wet. The birds sheltering under the bird feeder are very bedraggled-looking. Even the kat’s not interested. Hopefully better by Thursday, they say.


im having the same issue as well :frowning:

cloudy where i live but in the sim there no clouds

I had that issue at about midday uk time but seems fine to me now. Currently flying stansted to Dublin.

Well, today it’s still hasn’t been resolved… what’s happening Asobo ?

Seems ok for me this morning flying out of Newcasle, Europe West sever

Blue skies, but wind, also UTC is not correct, locally i’m UTC +2 and the system gives UTC+1

Live Weather on for me as i said above and seems to be working fine going by local forcasts

Just glanced outside and it’s quite appreciable.

Its a common problem for me, about 1 flight out of two has no clouds but proper wind.
I tought it may be related to location but I can’t see relation yet.
I had the issue recently in northern USA (Vermont), Europe (Germany and Italy) and South China.
Realy sad.

Here’s an exciting update to my post above responding to the topic title.

Thursday WAS better. Bright sunshine, warm breeze and less soggy bird seed.

Today (Friday) it’s back to dull, wet Yorkshire, with mixed weather over the Jubilee weekend.

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