HP G2 Reverb does not display anything

I recieved my new HPG2 Reverb yesterday. It doesnt work with FS2020. The screen goes to VR but there is no display in the headset. NOTHING. When i squint to find the button to leave VR the game crahes.

I don’t really understand the problem you are having. You say you see “NOTHING,” but then say you have to squint to find the VR button. Can you be more specific?

Sorry. On the computer monitor it shows some kind of split screen for VR. That is the only place. It has mouse control on this screen. When I return to pc the game crashes

I have the disk version. Not sure if that is what is happening

Is the the G2 working in the other games? And the “cliff house” = Windows Mixed Reality Portal?

Hmmm, make sure the video cable that plugs into the headset is seated all the way, had a weird issue with mine because it wasn’t seated properly, and it’s a stinker to get in…

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Yes. Everything works perfectly on windows mixed reality.

So frustrating. All works great till I try to use it for the game I bought it for

What do you see on the “split screen” you mentioned? Consider posting screenshot here (just drag it here).
Consider also following the settings recommended here, especially avoid having the resolution too big.

Thanks friend. I am in the process of reloading the game with hopes of fixing the issue. The computer screen looks like a split VR screen. Basically I think what one would see if you took your head piece off. It has no connection to the head piece besides the speakers. I have tried dropping out the graphics in the sim to minimal with no success. Hopefully reloading will fix. If not I will be back to try and find more help. This is my first try with anything VR. Not having much fun.

Hope reloading fixes it!

Well that was a waste of time. Reloading didn’t work.

Wow. Thank you for this tip. Everything I have gone through just shows me I’m an idiot. I had everything plugged into the generic graphics card. All good now

Having the same blank screens when switching to VR mode in Flight Sim and a few other games I’ve tried. G2 works in Mixed Reality Portal and Steam VR Portal but neither Steam MSFS which I returned for MS Store Version, or the store version will let me see anything in VR mode when I try to. Spent the past few days with long calls to HP and back and forth posts on the Facebook forum. What was your solution?