HP monitor " going to sleep " randomly

Hi all,

Strangely while I play the sim my my monitor is randomly going to sleep and I can’t get it back on unless I reset the PC.

I recently upgraded my graphic drivers and Windows update.

I also changed my HDMI cable.

When I check my monitor settings after this happens the video source HDMI states “not active”

Similar to this


Would I anyone have any troubleshoot tips or advice in general?

-Check your monitor osd for sleep timers, you may have accidentally set a timer.
-Start with windows trouble shooter for sleep timers.
-Run sfc and dism (goggle for more info) to check for corrupted files.
-If you have an older Nvidia card, 10xx or below, check for firmware update. Although that is for DP issues, it may help(search Nvidia firmware)
-If you’ve been into your bios, you may have switched on some energy saving by mistake. Don’t go there if you haven’t been there and/or unless your familiar with bios setting.

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Thanks very much. So far so good👍

Hi there!
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Spoke to soon. Happened again. This time sound also went…

Could this be GPu?

Hi all,

As I launch MSFS the fans seem to really ramp up and I lose full display on my monitor. I have to do a full reset. Everything is fine till I launch a game.

Any idea what this could be

Sounds like your cpu or gpu is overheating maybe. If you have temperature monitoring software, set it to record and run msfs, then check the temps. The problem may also show up in windows reliability: open start, search and type reliability.

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Thanks very much, if that is the case how can it be resolved? does it mean new GPU or CPU?

any suggestion for monitoring software? only issue is as soon as I launch MSFS it shuts down,

is this any help to determine what it could be?

To add, its just happening with MSFS no other game

Try to update or reinstall your sound drivers from your pc manufactures site.
ATKEX_cmd.exe is Realtek Sound.
atkex.cmd application error - Microsoft Community

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Thanks for your response I it.

very strange that it only happens with MSFS and no other game.

Have you been able to run msfs for an extended time ever. without any problems?
Did it run well before you updated drivers?
If it ran ok before, go back to the older drivers and re try msfs.

Try a different monitor if you can.

Search the web for “monitor shuts down randomly” , that may lead you to a similar issue and a solution.
Also try searching for your exact monitor or visit the manu forum/help area, it could be known problem.

MSFS is very taxing on systems and will expose any weakness’s but I don’t think your cpu is overheating going by your problem description, but it could be your video card overheating, but I don’t think its that either, sorry to worry you unnecessarily.

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Thank you very much for the help! I’ll keep trying.

Its very random. Sometimes instantly sometimes 30 minutes. GPU doesn’t appear to overheat.

I’ll try rollback a driver few driver versions