HP Omen 30l i7 3080

Have just ordered a HP Omen 30L i7 11700k, 16gb ram, 1000GB SSD, RTX 3080Ti. I dont have so much knowledge about pcs but i hope this will run the game smooth enough. I also use VR headset HP reverb g2 and a lot of controllers. Does anyone have any experience with this pc or do you know if its good enough for this purpouse? Sorry for my bad english😅

Was going to suggest ordering a second stick assuming HP would be jerks and not run dual channel … then I Googled the unit.

No, they went SUPER ULTRA JERK and use 4 4gb sticks shakes head

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I have actually no clue what that means😂 but as i can see from where i ordered it claims that there are only 2 ram slots in use and 2 empty ones

Hi, this is the exact same as my PC bought 3 months ago and I’m very happy with it.

I upgraded the RAM to 32 GB last month and it has made no difference to me (although I don’t use VR) so might be worth trying it with the 16GB for a while before upgrading it. :+1:


Mine had 2 x 8GB leaving 2 free slots.

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Cool, all the pictures show 4 sticks

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Thank you for very good answers. How high do you go on your graphic settings with this pc?

I’m not at the PC at the moment, but mostly ultra. LoD is at 200 and 400. I did turn lens flare (i think thats what it was called) off last week as I was beta testing a new aircraft and i was having some issues. It turned out the issues were down to the Windows power plan, so that has been corrected and all good.

I have the Hawk, BN2 and 146 and typically fly for between 1 - 2 hours at a time.

I’m using a Samsung 4k 27” monitor running at 4K and scaling is at 100

I get a comfortable 30-50 fps which is nice and smooth (I don’t understand people chasing FPS in a sim, but each to their own).

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Yes, i have this machine with the 3080. Runs perfect. Use the open xr toolkit
30fps in vr at 3100/3100

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