HP Reverb G2: Can I use with my gamepad or do I need HP controllers

I am a newbie with VR specifics.
If I buy a G2 without controllers, can I fly MFS using my gamepad just as on a monitor but with added depth perception/immersion. Or do I need the HP controllers to start up the G2 or Windows Mixed Reality.

The way I would like to play MFS is just as on a monitor with gamepad, but with VR headset. I would even delegate looking around to gamepad, not head tracking. I want to lie down on the couch and be immersed. I am a lowly ‘gamer’, not interested in avionics. I just want to sightsee.

I dont use the controllers at all in vr with my G2 and msfs2020. You can set everything up with gamepad and or mouse alone.

Headtracking as well? Do you use the gamepad to look around (right stick on my gamepad)?
Or rephrased: Is it possible to look around with gamepad or do you need head tracking?

You look around with your head. Kinda the whole point of VR.

nah, I am a couch gamer. I just want the 3D/depth perception. If I can not look around with gamepad while wearing a headset, I will stay flatscreen.

There must be something wrong with your neck if you can’t even turn your head :grin:.
However the outside view is fully pannable with the xbox controller.

I want to lie down on the couch while playing. Maybe even nap a bit while flying if nothing happens during the flight.

Lying down with a VR headset is probably (at least for games/sims) not a very useful use case for VR.

Hi @TheLittlePilot1 I think it’s really hard to describe the immersion VR gives you. I would say your comment is a classic interpretation of somebody coming from a monitor who hasn’t tried VR yet. It’s absolutely fine by the way to have this view.

As others have said you are fine not getting controllers for MSFS, however whether you play, sitting or standing there are so many more experiences that you will want to get the controllers for - they are a game changer, not perhaps for MSFS but for Half Life Alyx for example you’ll want them and that’s a must have game!

When you realise what VR gives you I.e. putting you actually into the game world, then turning your head around is the most natural thing in the world and that combined with the 3D depth perception will completely change how you view and fly in MSFS.

I’m excited for you, you’ll love VR. Best of luck! Dave.

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Yeah, what Sneaky74 said.

Once inside the cockpit with VR headset on, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll look around by moving your head without even thinking. It’s just totally natural. In fact, trying to ‘look around’ with a camera controller is likely to be very disorientating … so don’t forget the sick bag :rofl:

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