HP Reverb G2 controller


I’m totally new to the hardware - And I’ve not bought a VR headset! - I do build a computer etc…so not asking about computer boards & CPU’s! - The VR headsets are a different matter.

After a little research HP did release the Reverb G1 - Now they’ve released a G2.

Is it correct HP have also released a Reverb G2 V2? - I was reading about a field of view problem which was improved with the V2.

Currently HP have it on their website - but there is no mention of V2 in the title or description - Please would a member here who knows a lot about these products what is for sale here? - Thank you.

As you ca imagine the V2 is an improved version of the G2 (V1). The V2 has been around a good 6 months now so you are very unlikely to find a new G2 V1 for sale and could put money on it that HP themselves will be stocking just the latest version.

The V2 comes with a power adaptor that has a button to toggle the headset on/off and an additional spacer for the face mask. The spacer is really there for glasses wearers but for those who do not wear glasses the spacer can be removed. This effectively moves your eyes closer to lenses/display and in doing so improves the FOV.

It will be a G2 V2 - all good. :slight_smile:

Hi Blitzer303,

I’ll push ahead with this and check when it arrives just to make sure it is the V2! - I did see on another website that there is reference to REV 2 - Which is Revision 2! - The maybe a REV 2 on the box itself.

I just wouldn’t want to be given the V1 without realising it - It could be seen on a Youtube video where the eye piece could be detached to get closer to the lenses of the VR headset on REV 2.

I’ll post to confirm - Thanks

Hello again,

I thought of starting a new thread about general chit-chat about the VR in general compared to 2D computer monitors.

Regarding general technology I’ve learned lots about motherboards / chipsets (not all of them) and a little on monitor TV’s with high refresh rates.

Sometimes there is a EUREKA moment when the understanding kicks in - OK, I’ve got a 1080P monitor for gaming or (other use) - & - a 1440 P monitor for the same purpose.

What I didn’t understand about the VR headset is the resolution, which is just like a computer monitor (in a sense) but strapped to your head! - So, HP Reverb G2 is 2160 X 2160 P = 4,665,600 pixels X2 one for each eye = 4320 X 2160 P = 9,331,200 pixels

So, if this is compared to 1920 X 1080 = 2,073,600 pixels - 2D
& compared to 3440 X 1440 = 4,953,600 pixels - 2D
4320 X 2160 = 9,331,200 pixels - HP Reverb G2

With all these pixels to be pushed it can be seen why the frame rates are so slow and need a powerful graphics card to do this.

Better optimisations in MSFS to use ALL available CPU resources would improve matters more (if they haven’t already been) - Sim update 5 ?

Anyway I thought I’d post this to put into perspective the relative difficulty of powering all the pixels in the HP Reverb G2 ! - Thanks

Hi Blitzer303 and anyone else interested,

I’ve got one of these now as it’s super good for this title - I must admit everything is not clear at first, I’ll explain.

On the box received directly from the HP store - REV A is clearly marked on the box - There is no mention of REV 2 at all.

I decided to look at the headset more closely just to double check - In the online reviews the clear distinction between REV 1 & REV 2 is the spacer at the front of the removable eye piece.

The front part of this clearly comes off and detaches as shown on Youtube videos meaning it is a REV 2 - What else could it be.

Slightly oddly, the front piece doesn’t come out easily - but it does come out - and with caution - as there is a strong-ish magnet holding it in place.

The box though shows REV A and not REV 2 - Any comments welcome - Thanks

If you have a power on/off button on the power brick then it’s a definitely a V2.

Hi - I’ve just checked the power brick and could not see a button - Which would suggest a V1 ?

But the front of the eye piece does detach which would suggest a V2?