HP Reverb G2 Double vision

just made my first flights in MSFS VR and yes it’s awsome!
Sadly I experience a double vision.
For example I see 2 cursors and it’s not easy to actually click the right spot for actuating a switch for example.
Is this a known problem?

Best regards


Which plane(s) was it in?

I had that in the Long EZ but not in the Extra 330. I wonder if it’s 3rd party planes?

I had this in the LongEze like you and also in the MB338, also from the same developer.

I have moved your post to the new Bugs & Issues section. The Wishlist section is for asking for new features to be added to the product.

OK, thanks @N316TS - my bad.

To go into more detail I have made a shot of the problem I have:

As you can see the 3D-cursor is not on the same position in left and right window.
This is very awkward in sim since you can get easily dizzy.
I found that the left one is the correct cursor. That said I for now have to close the right eye to click buttons/switches in sim.
Sadly I have this kind of double-vision also for everything else in the sim, which is quit annopying.
It’s not that prominent as the 3D-cursor but still there.

Have to say that I have I put the IPD to 60mm (mine is around 58mm) but my wife tested it also with the same result and she has a wider IPD than me.
It is like in sim you have a person with an IPD set to 70-80mm.

Maybe it is possible to integrate a slider to ajust the in sim IPD manually?
@N316TS - this would be a request than :slight_smile:

Anyway I am new to VR and if someone has a solution or tip for me I’d be VERY greatfull.



Hi Christoph,

You can put that in a separate item in the wishlist, if you would like.

After some search I found a possible solution to work with the double version but for another game (Creed):

If you’re experiencing the double-vision issue with your WMR headset, please try the following workaround:
Open a Run window by simultaneously pressing the “Windows” and “R” keys on your keyboard.
Type “%localappdata%” and press “Enter” or click “OK”.
Navigate through the following pathway: Creed > Saved > Config > WindowsNoEditor
Open up the GameUserSettings.ini file.
In the notepad, check what number is displayed next to the “sg.ResolutionQuality”.
If the number is higher than 100.0000, change it to 100.0000 then save the file.
Sadly I don’t find the corresponding config-file for MSFS.
Is there even a way to change it manually like mentioned above?
Again I am happy for every help!

Try this: stand about 10m from your computer, raise your finger about 20cm from your nose, then look at the monitor… you’ll see 2 fingers…

This is not a FS2020 issue nor a VR issue: this is just how binocular vision is working naturally and this is a consequence of “vergence”.

The only problem with FS2020 is the mouse cursor is not projected at the same distance as the underlying polygon it is moving above, and therefore, like the finger/monitor test, you see either 1 cursor and 2 gauges, or 1 gauge and 2 cursors.

I believe the person having coded the mouse cursor is left eye dominant, and all internal testers must have been left eye dominant too :crazy_face:

Thanks for your feedback!
Already got better vision by testing and adjustments of the headset-position on my head.
Your explentation on the cursor seems logic and is very interesting - lets hope that this gets fixed in the future.