HP Reverb G2 - great warranty support experience

Just wanted to share a good warranty support experience i had with HP Support.
My 8 months old HP Reverb G2 died on me all of a sudden after having worked great with no issues. Spend a few days trying to get it to work doing all the troubleshooting steps i could find on the big www - but WMR still insisted that no device was being attached to the computer. Assuming it being a faulty cable i called HP and a day later i had a new cable on my doorstep. This unfortunately did not solve the issue. The headset was still not being recognized by wmr so in desperation i uninstalled some drivers and ended up killing my computer in the process. Oh well, optimistic about it thinking maybe a fresh install would fix my issue I got a fresh win10 install going but still no joy.
Fortunately a friend of mine had recently purchased a reverb G2 so i went to his place to test my headset using his setup and cables - and…still no joy. So this was after all not the cable which was at fault but the 8 month old headset had completely died. Called HP support again - and within 24 hours i had a new headset on my doorstep. I am really impressed with such quick support - i find that to be a rare occurence these days. Just hoping this unit will last a bit longer…


I had my HP Reverb G2 suddenly develop blackouts after 10 minutes or so, this after nearly a year of working perfectly. I contacted HP support, they supplied a replacement cable assembly, which sadly failed to cure the issue. HP phoned me to check whether I was now ok, and having got my progress report they have now shipped a replacement headset, which has yet to arrive, the cable actually came from the Netherlands to the UK, I guess the headset will take the same route. Anyway, I also can report HP support have been excellent.

My headset croaked at 13 months with no help in sight. Be careful about purchasing on a glowing report. I wouldn’t buy one at any more than HALF PRICE based on my experience. There are also reputable people saying that HP is dropping the line. And if you are on a AMD system, there is NO suitable replacement.

mine was also shipped from the netherlands. I am based in Denmark.

I must admit i am bit worried how long the replacement is gonna last me. Given the troubles people had and high cost of the device I am really not impressed. I have an AMD system (x570) and have not had any issues before. My post was mainly intended to let people know that HP are very quick to honor the warranty - at least here in Europe.

I also have a good experience. I got my replacement of the HP Reverb G2 within 24 hours. I had a vertical blue line appearing in the left display.

I live in the Netherlands.

My experience with HP Support was similarly excellent.

I plugged my new Reverb G2 in and WMR wouldn’t see it.
I called support, and the tech asked me a few questions and told me a few troubleshooting steps, staying on the phone with me while I did them.

Then he asked whether I had an RTX 3090 Ti.
I replied “Yes” and he said “That’s the problem,” explaining that the Ti uses Tesla processors that make the DisplayPort signal incompatible with the G2.

I was a bit dismayed, thinking I’d need to return the headset. But he gave me an inexpensive fix: Buy a powered DP 1.4 repeater and a short DP 1.4 cable and insert them between the GPU port and the G2.

I paid $37 for the fix, and it worked like a charm.

I was impressed that the tech didn’t simply run out of things on a checklist - instead, he had the experience and knowledge to go beyond boilerplate suggestions.

Just to add that my replacement headset arrived in 2 days, I’ve tested it over the weekend, and it is working perfectly. Thanks HP.