HP Reverb G2 Headset Breakage Warning

A warning to users of the Reverb G2, that after 1.5 years of use the plastic portion of the head strap has cracked and completely broken. This has happened just behind the sound portals where the very thin plastic of the back strap is attached to the main front part of the device.

Users of the G2 may want to be aware of this weak point and take steps now to head off any potential failure. Looking on-line I have seen a few other that have cracked and broken in exactly the same place. I’m not saying there is an inherent problem with all of these headsets but be aware it can happen.

A call to HP was not of any help other than to offer me a bill for repair as the product is out of warranty which I may look into or fashion a repair myself. Interestingly I did see a repair online which was done using bicycle in tube!!

Update the quote to supply replacement plastic strap is £375.00

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You might want to check out consumer rights in the UK.
My Reverb recently broke too - where the head strap connects at the front. I did not know this next piece of information so mine ended up being trashed…

This is not necessarily 100% correctly/accurate so please research…
Apparently, UK consumer rights/law (whatever) are still on your side in this kind of situation. That is, goods are expected to last a “reasonable amount of time”. The higher the value the item is then the longer it should be expected to last.
1.5 years for an item costing around £600 does not sound anywhere near reasonable to me.

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That’s interesting to hear, I’ll have a look into this. I must say I found the response from HP quite disappointing. I suspect within time most of these headsets will fail in the same manner at some point.

I’ve order some black acrylic sheeting from which I’ll fashion a repair and strengthen the headset at these points. Thanks for your input

Sadly, not sure how much it is affecting customer service since HP pulled themselves out of the VR market etc… i personaly bought my Reverb G2 last year just a bit before they announced they retired from the VR run. So i am crossing my fingers my headset holds tight before i get a new one as i am not sure how much services will be affected. But i am sure we cannot expect much free stuff anymore. I am not even sure if they continue to produce stuff for it and for how long.