HP Reverb G2 headset without controller

Hi. I am thinking of buying a G2 headset but I am unsure if I can run the G2 headset without controller. From my Rift S experience, no controller no setup.

I don’t use hand controllers, never.

Anyone knows?

Don’t know about the G2 but I use the Rift and yes it needs the hand controllers to go through the setup procedure. However, I only use the right hand controller when flying as this is the ‘hand’ that dials in radio freq’s and adjusts the autopilot. In VR, of course, this is great.

Can you even get the G2 without controllers? That would be odd, imo

Yes, you save 100 bucks

Then you should be able to go through the setup without them then… is there nothing online about that?

Thanks for the info on the G2, I think I’ll stick with the Rift.

hello, did I understand correctly that you are using the right one in fs2020?

No VR in MSFS yet :wink:

This makes perfect sense if you are upgrading from an older VR headset like the HTC Vive which already has good tracking and controllers and you just want to upgrade the headset - therefore I suspect the controllers are not necessary because of this upgrade solution and the headset itself is used to mark out the guardian system unlike the Rift S which uses the controllers, but I’m not 100%.

You can also buy the controllers seperately - for example other WMR users can also use these controllers - but you can’t use older WMR controllers with the G2.

This seems odd to me that you wouldn’t get the controllers as well. It makes any VR experience so much more enjoyable to have hand presence. If you are new to VR then I absolutely recommend getting the controllers and playing a bit of Half Life Alyx you will not be disappointed!

If you know what you are doing and simply don’t want the controllers in a sim then that’s fine also :slight_smile: I’m planning to stay with my HOTAS setup and use a mouse but I’ll probably experiment a little as well - we’ll see.

An F-18, F-16 or A10C without my HOTAS is only half of the feeling. The hand controller adds no value to me. I tried a few games, yes, but even for Project Cars 2, my TM Wheel is more welcome that a pair of hand controllers. In short. I do not fly or drive anything with the controller. I use HOTAS, pedals and mouse. Works perfect in WT with Tanks too :wink:

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Thats exactly the Rift issue. You cannot complete the initial setup without having the controllers. This is the reason for me to ask if the HP can be setup and configured without the controller.

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