HP Reverb G2 is here... (shipping in the U.S.)

For those of you waiting or tracking such things… I received my G2 Headset today (UPS).
It was ordered on May 30th, the first day the unit became available for pre-order.
In fact, I’m pretty sure I ordered it within minutes of being listed as available for pre-order.

This is going to be fun. :slight_smile:



Fill us in on your experience, please!

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For the record, I’ve never even dabbled in VR, so I expect to be totally blown-away.
I’ve been watching dozens of YouTube videos on the subject while waiting, and “through the lens” videos just don’t do it justice, or so I’m told.

Now if my Honeycomb Bravo Throttle would show up… I could stop spending money for a while. :slight_smile:


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I personally would keep a plastic garbage can near, in case you get serious vertigo and have to puke. When first starting out in FS-98, had my system in the basement, lights out, flying at night, completely dark, and panel lights turned down, and I used to get vertigo once in while. Not now, too much ambient light around so middle ear knows what it knows. Just have not ever wanted a VR experience, I get all the real world experience just being alive.

I’ll take the advice.


And yet there’s many of us experiencing absolutely zero “puke-inducing” moments.

Just enjoy, don’t be influenced, do your own thing.


Cool - I’d love to hear your startup experiences. I have very little VR experience. Twice for about 15 min on the latest Occulus thing and once on an older Rift. I used DCS and I got pretty motion sick for the first flight. (We were also doing rolls and hard G turns while dogfighting lol). I also used P3D v4 and although it felt pretty real, the lower fps and mediocre image quality (screen door effect) kinda ruined it for me.

I heard the HP Reverb is very nice - but I definitely don’t have the PC to run it. What system do you have @JimSim831 ?

See my Profile for details (click the avatar).
I’ve got a pretty beefy system that I built just for MSFS2020, and I’ve heard that my 2070 Super is adequate for VR.

I’m a pretty stable guy, with a pretty grounded past (Motorcycles, Sky Diving, Boating, Roller-Coasters, Etc…) , and although I do expect to be “blown-away” I don’t really expect to be “puke-induced” but hey… I turn 60 this Saturday too, so that could have an effect.


Haha - sky diving…pretty grounded! That’s not for me and I’m a pilot irl. Sometimes even rough turbulence makes me feel not great.

I think they have a beta going for VR right now.

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Are you allowed to stream the VR beta?

I’m bracing myself for all the VR doesn’t work comments as soon as it goes live. Haha


You’re using a similar system to me (Also 2070 Super), and I’ve used it extensively for VR with no problems (Different headset, Quest2) . VR is definitely a pretty awe inducing experience and assuming it plays nicely with MSFS it should be pretty incredible! Motion sickness hasn’t been a problem, even in sims like IL2 where you’re dogfighting which can be disorienting. Happy flying!

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You wanna test your VR legs?
I got motion sickness in 3 experiences
Play the first part of Skyrim VR when the dragon comes in and attacks the town.
Jump from that guard tower into that burning house. :sweat_smile: :face_vomiting:
Or simply play Mirror’s Edge in VR. :nauseated_face:
Anything with heights and jumping. For seated testing try Assetto Corsa and flip a car into the eternal void of oblivion and see how you can handle that. :nauseated face:
Then after a while it went away. Haven’t had motion sickness since 2017 and luckily no flight sim experience has ever triggered it for me.
Welcome to VR!


Jim, I’m 53 with an active (though less so,) action hobby past. You’ll be fine. I’m still waiting on my G2 to be delivered but I’ve done VR a bit and flying seems to just work SO WELL with VR. Looking around the cabin, looking outside, making turns/climbs/dives, etc are all very intuitive. Plus, flying usually puts you at your controls and not moving around, again, that’s a good thing as a newbie to VR.

Here’s hoping Asobo’s take on VR works well with the sim. I love it already but ordered the new headset just for this so I REALLY hope they get this right out of the gate.


Actually flying is pretty nausea-inducing as well, so I take that as endorsement to the realism VR provides lol.

Couple questions: Is this similar to regular motion sickness in that you acclimate? Do you eventually get your VR legs? I get massively airsick, even when I’m solo flying the plane, which is one of the reasons I don’t really fly anymore. Some of my friends get sick playing first person shooters for too long, but video games never bothered me.

Does anyone know if hardware availability is going to improve at some point? Will I be able to just buy a G2 at some point without having to wait freaking months? I’ve been sitting here idly for months now since this game was released with my 10 year old i7 waiting to upgrade until there are solid reports on how the new processors, graphics and VR line-up is running in Flight Simulator. I’m not going to drop thousands just to find out this is another rushed, half baked release. But it’s super irritating that you can’t just get any of top-end CPU, GPU, or controllers right now as they’re all out of stock. Is there a supply chain problem, or is this just a temporary demand rush due to new releases?

I have a G2 on order, patiently waiting. As for the supply and demand, think Covid 19.

For VR legs you need to be patient and don’t rush yourself. I never had vertigo or nausea before having my first VR headset 5 or 6 years ago (I’m 54yo). You need to stop right after you feel something is wrong on stomach or head side, and wait a while (ideally 1 day) before retrying. If you “force” you can develop a Pavlov syndrome where thinking about putting an headset is enough to feel bad. I know as I didn’t follow this advice and it took time before I could raise each of my VR session.
Now, when I feel a little disoriented I’m happy and not sick, happy because that mean my brain is tricked and I really feel I’m IN ! :slight_smile:

The only time I ever felt a bit sickly, was using Vr on roller coasters.
Never had the slightest negative feeling in a flight sim or car racing game.
I have a friend who doesn’t want VR, but he gets sickly if I drive round a bend at more than 30 mph.
Some people are quite fragile that way.
Use your Reverb in short stints and soon you’ll be used to it. Don’t overdo it, especially at the beginning. :+1:


Just a few tips for a new VR user.

Get the best frame rates you can, I doubt that 2070 super will feed MSFS fast enough at higher settings so be prepared to turn the details down or the resolution on the G2, or spend more money on a 3080 0r 3090.

Lead with your head, so if you’re turning left, then look left by turning your head, not just looking left with your eyes.

If you really want to get the full effect then I’m afraid spending some more money will be necessary, a faster GPU and then get a motion platform, I use the Next Level V3 (£2500) and it’s a great combo with VR, you bank left and your body leans left, simple but so effective when in VR.

The G2 combined with MSFS on Ultra settings will ruthlessly seek out the weak point in your setup.

Happy flying

Your eyes can mislead your body pretty well. I was once driving in VR at Laguna Seca, and let’s say mistimed the turn in at the top of the famous corkscrew complex. I actually felt my stomach jump, just like it does when you drive IRL over a hump back bridge.

However, the only time I’ve actually felt ill was driving a buggy, for 40 minutes or so, on a rather bumpy planet in Elite Dangerous. The devs apparently knew this might be an issue however and had included a setting to “freeze” the horizon and that solved the problem.

Never had any issues in a flight simulator, but low frame rates are likely to be the stomach’s worst enemy, when you are in a seated position.