HP reverb G2 with my rtx2070 nvidia ,

i am facing blurry view inside the cockpit and outside , anyone can give me a suggestion for windows settings , mixed reality tools , and graphic settings inside the game ?
My Vr device in the HP Reverb G2 and this is my computer settings
Processor|Intel® Core™ i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz|
Installed RAM|24.0 GB (23.9 GB usable)|

thanks for help


I can highly recommend this post. whilst it’s primarily for a 2070s the steps still apply.

I run a G2 on a 2070s and this post definitely helped me get it dialed in. not sure if this is your first foray into VR, but you may also not have the headset positioned correctly so worth having a play around to make sure its seated properly, same goes for the IPD, a small change can make a big difference.

Hope you manage to get it sorted, its worth the effort.


thanks dear for your prompt reply
I have tried it . nothing happened
the problem is that they recommend to use nvidia driver 457.3 . while I tried to download this driver but I failed they said its not compatible with Windows 10

That driver is definitely compatible, I ran it for a while, but I’m currently on the most recent Nvidia driver anyway.

If the settings and help in the post I linked to haven’t helped at all, I would check your IPD, make sure its set correctly and then if everything looks clear in other applications, in the cliff house etc, then make sure you adjust your VR graphics settings in the sim (remember there are two discrete options for PC and VR in MSFS).

If things aren’t clear even in the cliff house, its most likely a positioning issue, play around with moving the headset position on your face until it looks clear.

You havnt mentioned if this is your first time in VR either, If it is you have to remember that your looking at two screens about half an inch away from your eyes, its a different experience to looking at a standard desktop monitor so you won’t get the same clarity you would from a monitor, what you do get is that immersive experience of being there, so its compromises. If you’ve used VR before then you know all that so sorry if i’m teaching you to ■■■■ eggs.

appreciate your prompt reply
yes it’s my first time using Vr on pc but I used to do so on ps4
however I will try to bound the vr again and check if it would be workable .
the blurry view is hurting the eyes and even the cockpit I am not able to read what’s written on the tools .
however I will try another way , should revert soon