My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR) 🟢

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I’ve seen split opinions on windows game mode; can I ask your reasoning for utilizing it?

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This is a good question! I’ve never used it in the past and as a matter of fact I even believe I used to disable it. Lately I’ve came across some “configuration recommendations” for gaming which were mentioning this settings which I had forgotten it existed.

I’ve since enabled it and I don’t see any particular loss or gain but I’ve not explicitly compared whether it is actually making any difference with FS2020. I might take some time in the coming days trying without and compare.

However the other settings I’m detailing do make a difference and are worth considering.

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I’ll be trying your settings shortly based on the in-depth write up! I hadn’t considered any NCP settings so I’m excited to try them. HP Reverb with a 3700x and 2080s and I’d be thrilled if I can get good playability at 100 render! I also hadn’t considered vsync or low latency mode since those are big no-nos in the first person shooter world from whence I came :stuck_out_tongue: I forgot that those are ideal for low fps issues (flight sims being the first time I’ve felt this struggle).

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When I’ve written up “My 4K Settings” it was clear the Nvidia CPL Settings were very important and I could achieve much higher fps with no stutters at all in carefully adjusting them. I’ve found out the same settings are also best in VR.

So in the end I just need to remind myself I have to change Threaded Optimization to ON when I plan to use VR or to revert back to OFF for 3D. (I’ll revisit whether I still need to set this to off for non-VR flying in the coming days though).

Let me know how it goes on your system!



I always thought that some settings could be changed in the Nvidia CPL just didn’t know where to start. I am finally hitting 60-70fps non-VR with your settings, I am astounded. Thank you. Now to try to get to 30fps consistently in VR without it looking like ■■■■.

Thank you for the excellent depth and knowledge in this post.


Thanks very much for taking the time to write this guide, definitely helped me get more performance out of my 2070 Super!

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Thanks OP!

I’ll use your founds as a base for my configuration even if it differ from your (I7 10700K, 32GB Ram, GTX1080 OC 10%). I learned here which settings have the most impact so it’s helpful. Just had a short time to test the sim in VR yesterday, and performance was awful (between 40 and 45fps ASW auto) but that’s expected as I didn’t change anything but render resolution at 100% (CV1 is already enough low restitution to go below). I’m confident I’ll find the good balance :slight_smile:

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Nice write up, I’m about to give them a try. I also found that setting the sharpen filter in UserCfg.opt to 0 ( C-Users-name-AppData-Roaming-msfs smoothes the edges of clouds, reducing the blockiness, and improves fps a bit.

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I’ve explored this, along with disabling both EyeAdaptation and ColorGrading (which makes the out-the-cockpit-window world not over exposed by the way) in order to compare whether these would save some more fps, but it was marginally helping overall. On the other hand I’ve made more tests yesterday and I’ll be publishing updates in the coming days (maybe some today).

I’m generally trying to find/detect what is really affecting the performance but I don’t want to sacrifice any visual which I deem being essential for the pilot. For example, I prefer Windshield HIGH for this reason, and I can’t bare the surrealistic Ambiant Occlusion if it is set above LOW. But I’m also trying to find a suitable balance so that wherever I’m flying I keep an average consistent fps and a limited min/max variation. This is most pleasant because once you reach this balance you don’t care about your fps anymore and you just enjoy flying (it is a habit for most simmers I guess to constantly check and chase the fps LOL)

Having said this, I’ve tried in a most empty place yesterday, namely in the Carribean and it was really so fine I’ve managed to bump clouds to HIGH while achieving a solid and very confortable in practice 45 fps, 95% of the time! This was great.


I’ve just posted a number of updates and I’ll have more to come. In the meantime, here are 2 screenshots from yesterday’s tests, in radically different aircraft/location for comparison, with fpsVr information displayed:

NB: fpsVr average fps is since the beginning of the session through different tests. I’ve not find how to reset the counter yet. The captured fps in the shots is what I get in average with some minor variations.

PS: You can see the masks are taking a lot of pixel estate in the Valve Index. This is why besides the panel resolution, what is important is also how much of this resolution is in your eye sight (the masks are there to prevent the video card rendering pixels which are not visible due to the optics). I know the Reverb G1 has a very small mask and probably the G2 too, so that not only it has higher panel resolution but proportionally the video card must render much more pixels in percentage. I’m wondering how far I could push the G2 once I get it but I know I’ve been pleased in XP11 with the G1 vs the Index regarding fps.

KPAO in the DA40

KSFO in the B787

I find I’m messing more with the settings than enjoying the flight, I do this in my racing sims as well in vr.
If I ever get hold of one of these new unobtainium cards and cpu, I’m hoping it will end. Probably not though. :sob:


This is why yesterday I took a break (well not really because I was trying my new settings) in flying in Princess Juliana vicinity with clouds all around me I’ve been able to push to HIGH while flying and enjoying the view at 45fps. I didn’t touch the settings more than thrice during the 1 hour flying around session and I enjoyed it for once!


Thanks for all the tips. It gave me a good guide to get a steady 38fps with ultra clouds and water. By the way, how did you manage to get fpsVR in a non-steam games. Are you able to see it while in VR? Any help would be appreciated. I noticed that other are asking for a better FPS tool in MSFS. Thanks

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Thank you for sharing your experience, I’m glad this could be helping others!

fpsVr displays with SteamVR, including if the application is using OpenXR via SteamVR. I don’t do anything special though, fpsVr is just configured to automatically start with SteamVR.

I used to attach the fpsVr overlay to the right wrist so that I only display it on demand, but with FS2020 not using any controller and them automatically turning off after a few minutes, I’ve just simply attached the overlay to the helmet while I was trying out adjusting the settings. This is handy because you can easily glance at the values whatever your head is oriented to.

NB: on my screenshots above I’ve manually opened fpsVr desktop just to make it visible in the screenshot. I believe next time I’ll use the SteamVR view instead which renders both eyes and everything you see in the helmet, including overlays.

That explains it. Thanks.

Could you please clarify your process to execute fpsVR. You said “the application is using OpenXR via SteamVR” but I am simply running WMR Portal (which then runs OpenXR) then starting MSFS2020. How do I involve SteamVR?

Edit: OK - you do this with the Valve Index - not a WMR Headset

Thanks, Dave W. PC=(9700K@5Ghz, RTX2070, Reverb G1 and G2) Win10 20H2

This doesn’t depend on using the Index. It only depends on using SteamVR instead, and you can use a WMR HMD with SteamVR in using “WMR for SteamVR” app. This will work great for any OpenVR application (the VR API from Valve).

I’ve raised the question whether you could using SteamVR OpenXR implementation for a WMR HMD, you might want to try out and let us know in the following discussion:

(link to a detailed post, see a few posts above for the context)

Thanks CptLucky for this thread
I personnaly put reflection to high to get a more realistic scenery

Has anyone tried to enable manually VRSS?
i know this can be done even if the game doesn’t support it officially. Not sure what results to expect though…