nVidia 461.92 drivers released

I just tried version 461.92 and it works worse for me than the previous version 460.89. Heeding the comments, I have tested the 457.30 and the difference is remarkable. The lightning is over and it runs much smoother than before. Definitely version 457.30 works much better. I have oculus quest v1 and my pc is i7 10700K , RTX2070 super gaming OC and 32 gb of ram

How to go back to an old version of Nvidia? Thank you in advance

Not trying to be a jerk, but you can google that and get a lot of hits on how to revert to an older version of a driver using a few different freeware and payware tools (DDU is a very popular one, and it stands for Display Driver Uninistaller). Read up and be careful when you do it, but it’s commonly done using the tools available for free or a small-fee to download. And the drivers themselves are also online from nvidia and other places.

Absurd … better 1 who knows than 10 who seek. It is a delicate operation and advice is important!


I have the same GPU/CPU and is experiencing exact the same thing - I am wondering if something else is going on?? the GPU/CPU relationship?? But I am reverting back now - this is just hopeless for me.

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No need to search very far:
My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR) :green_circle: - Virtual Reality (VR) / Hardware & Performance - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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You can download an older version from the Nvidia site. Like many here I use 457.30 as I find it gives the best results for my setup.

If you don’t want to use the DDU utility to uninstall your current driver you can just uninstall it from Windows from the settings apps screen.

Reboot your PC and it will startup in a low res mode without any drivers, then just doubleclick the older driver you chose to download. Wait for it to say install is finished, then reboot PC again.

Takes about 4 minutes on my PC.

I also went back to the 457.30 driver. I thought the latest looked a bit better but I lost about 7 FPS.

8700k at 5 gHz
RTX 2070

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No change noticed and no problems noticed.

GTX 1660 TI

Oh man, I’m tempted to try the new driver with my RTX 3080 as the reports of improved performance seem to be coming from people with 30XX cards, but im 95% sure I will just revert back to 457.30 as I expect the new one to be worse…

Steam purchase, All W10 updates, latest 461.92 drivers. GTX970 card. No stutters (except populated areas like London), only FPS dropped from 28-33 to 18-24. 4K monitor, resolution scaled to 50, settings - mix with low-middle-high-ultra. Terrain Level Of Detail 150, Objects Level Of Detail 135. WT Cessna C4J mode. When I fly high I set Level Of Detail 200, Objects Level Of Detail 150, and my FPS is about 20-24. I noticed a strange thing. At Out Skerries I have more FPS with all the settings on Ultra, than if I set them High! Why? Over latest London, my FPS is 1-3 for 80% of the time with photogrammetry On and Terrain Level Of Detail 25, Objects Level Of Detail 25.

Testing performance of a new NVidia driver using MSFS is like trying to stabilize your plane inside an hurricane. If you want to know, use another Sim or Apps or Benchmark tool. MSFS is unstable and show random performance which drive me crazy.
Yesterday I nearly found a pattern of reproducible cases and it involved my dog to be with me in the room, or not. It worked 2 times, performance was similar, but failed the third one :crazy_face:
All that to say the base is unstable, so you can’t say “Holly cow! it’s smoother with NV driver xxx, or xxxx!” or : “change this setting it work for me!” (even if I’m glad people try to help each other, great community) Because at next launch it will be different.
Even using a serious scenario not involving random or internet traffic the perfs change each time. Hitting ESC to cancel a fly and menu turn at 10fps, next fly and you suddenly win 10fps!

No, no, no, save your brain, relax and be patient hoping Devs find the root of those random perfs problems.

Just my 2c.

Edit : Mmmm, I didn’t try with the cat… :thinking:


While some of this is no doubt true, on my system (8700k, RTX 3080, 32GB RAM, Reverb G2), there is an UNDENIABLE difference between 457.30 and, for example, 461.72. The latter has a similar framerate but is juddertown. This is 100% reproducible on my system and many have confirmed it.

The older driver is epically smooth, super even frame timing, although FPS could of course be better in dense areas. The newer one takes all enjoyment out of the experience for me, as the judders are so distracting and completely ruin any form of immersion.

There is one recommendation on OverKill chanel, looks like it helps for some people https://youtu.be/fSXX6jyuG3U

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Nice dog fella.


Guys, I am a lil newbie in terms of software…but after each update from nvidia, all my graphic config is reset. For every game. Is it normal?

Not mine. Mine are set at pure “Ultra”.

Just updated via “Experience” to 461.92.

Nothing changed.


Here is an update to my previous post. I’ve had VR crash on me (not the sim) twice now, in the exact same place, on final to LAX in a C172 while using the 461.92 drivers. What happens is the image freezes in my Index, but the sim continues running. What’s even weirder is that if I take off the HMD, the split VR view is still running on my desktop monitor, so it seems like the crash is within the Steam compositor or something. I’ve only ever seen it in MSFS, with the new driver and latest sim update.

Has anyone else seen anything like this?

MSFS performance affected by presence of pup?! I would’ve doubted it, but your tests make it seem pawsible. Maybe even plawsible.


You are probably allowing GeForce experience to adjust your game settings

Either turn off that option or just don’t bother with GeForce experience and install drivers manually.

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