Htc vive steam vr settings

hi im using htc vive and when i am on the ground i get a lot of stutter moving around. also when taking off and landing it stutters once im in the sky its pretty good. Ive tried all sorts of graphic settings low and stil get the stutter when i land and sitting on ground. the steam vr settings don’t seem to offer much as far as re-projection settings and such like they used to? any help would be great


Hey there,

I have a Vive pro with a 1080Ti - I couldnt find much Vive info out there and just fiddled with different settings like did and what i found is to disable ‘Motion Smoothing’ in SteamVR. This made a huge difference. I also found that contrary to what so many people advise, setting the Render Scale to 100 made the sim look great and also gave a framerate boost.

I get a much better graphical result in MSFS than I do in DCS since I changed the Motion Smoothing setting.

good luck mate

You might want to read this, it may help you (or not), because Vive and Index are pretty much working the same from SteamVR point of view:

My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR)

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