Valve INDEX / STEAM / STEAM VR & Settings Question

While in the sim and using VR, if I go to MSFS SETTINGS \ GENERAL and set the (PC) RENDER SCALING to 200 as suggested, I see no difference in frame rates, stuttering or quality.
My question is, should I use STEAM VR without the BETA? I do not know what the BETA version is buying me as far as performance.
Secondly, what is jacking the (PC) RENDERSCALING up to 200 supposed to accomplish?
My goal is to get the INDEX view as crisp and sharp as possible. Thanks ya’ll.

I’d suggest:

  • you leave FS2020 2D Render Scale alone.
  • you set FS2020 VR Render Scale to 100%
  • you set SteamVR Refresh Rate to 90Hz
  • you set SteamVR General Render Scaling to 100% (about 2000x2200 IIRC with the Index)
  • you set SteamVR FS2020 Render Scaling to 126% at a minimum (about 2200x2400 with the Index)*
  • you set SteamVR FS2020 FOV to 95% (no need for more really, and this contributes a little bit more to sharpening the views)

With this you’ll get good tradeoff between visuals and perf with FS2020, while leaving enough room (on a 2070S) to enable Motion Smoothing (fixed rate 18fps, 33ms prediction)

If you have better hardware, or if the 27th release gives more perfs on your system, I’d recommend you just raise SteamVR FS2020 Render Scaling to 152% at a minimum to get started with (cross check your steamvr.vrsettings it is actually using 150%)

If you can raise the bar further, try SteamVR FS2020 Render Scaling to 300%… You’ll get the entire view as legible as when using 50% FOV at 126%, which is really giving a lot of details (I change this quickly sometimes on final to get crisp runway visuals at a distance! - easy to do with the Index in using the HMD mounted button!)

For much more details:
My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR) :green_circle: - Virtual Reality (VR) / Hardware & Performance - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

*setting this to 126% in the SteamVR VR GUI Settings is effectively using 125% in practice!

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I had never considered changing the FOV! I will jump on all this right now and report back. Thank a bunch

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You’re welcome!

Yes the FOV is very handy because it changes live, and with the HMD mounted button it takes me about 3 sec to change, so that I don’t even need to “pause” the game when doing it on final.

Just a follow up here on those settings. Prior to the 27th update (now) They work well. I actually kicked the FS2020 RES up to 300 and still was smooth. A few burps here and there but flying over NY City was great, even with thunder storms. Saw two double rainbows as well.

I also picked up an Index recently and have been trying to follow your recommended settings with good results so far . However, the FOV setting doesn’t seem to be listed in the detail article nor did I see it in the SteamVR settings dialogs. Can you show a screenshot or describe how to alter this setting and what it does?

Ah wait! I found it, it’s under ‘per-application video settings’ :smiley:

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Question, is it even possible if i haven’t updated to sim 5 yet , can i just play the game without updating it to sim 5 and stay with sim 4 update

It may be possible if you are disconnected from the internet. Then, of course you would probably lose all the good graphics.