OPENXR / INDEX Confusion

I use STEAM VR BETA with my VALVE INDEX. With the newer update to OpenXR, do I need to download or run anything else ( Like an OpenXR APP ) along with the VR Beta? I’m confused on what I need, do not need and what it will buy me.
I have good FPS while flying but my airplane structure (ie: wing struts, wing etc.) jumps all around when looking at the ground on the runway.

Nope, just need SteamVR.

I strongly recommend disabling “motion smoothing” (I forget the exact name of the option) in SteamVR settings, this may be causing the “jumping” you’re describing.

I tried that and while it does help the jumping, it also gives me bad FPS! Any solution?

I recommend looking at one of the threads on tuning your graphics settings for VR, and for the Index specifically. I found this one very helpful as I have the same GPU: