Steam 1.16 update advanced motion smoothing options

Hi. Can someone elaborate if we can somehow benefit from the new steam 1.16 update which brings open xr 1.0 support and also has some options to run games at lower framerate? Cpt. Lucky?

I am no expert but I assume some new features, like the depth buffers for reprojection, would need updates on the MSFS side to take advantage of.

As of now it offers more flexibility with different reprojection modes, but I still think the quality of the WMR motion reprojection is better: less artifacts.

Take a look in @CptLucky8’s post below. There is some good info about how to utilize the new features, which definitely do make a difference. With some tuning the motion smoothing artifacts are significantly reduced and it is possible to have a very smooth experience even with low frame rates.

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I’ve been commenting on the 1.16.x beta for weeks and in short it is giving same motion smoothing visual quality as WMR now, sometimes even better, because it is also supporting up to 6:1 motion smoothing frames (not just reprojection).

It is hard believing how good this is working, but more than this, it helps me compensating for the WU3 lower perfs and maintaining an experience level similar to before. Actually even more (see below).

YMMV but my daily setting with the Index has been:

Before WU3: TAA100+SS124, 90Hz+22.5fps+22.2ms
After WU3: TAA100+SS124, 90Hz+18fps+33.3ms

I know 18.5fps sounds insane but believe me, it is buttery smooth with the CJ4, the K350, and pretty much all other I’ve flown since. The only hiccup is when below 1000ft AGL (about) where these is a new bug with WU3 causing heavy CPU/GPU stalls, which makes rolling on taxiways a little bit jerky. I hope they’ll solve it with SU3.

Now why did I say even more experience now?

Because thanks to effectively computing “only” 18 fps:

  • EFIS screens refresh similarly to IRL.
  • I can raise a number of other settings I couldn’t before*
  • It stays smooth and fluid with no juddering.

Hope this helps!

PS: I’m waiting for SU3 before even considering publishing article updates because it really is a moving target for a few weeks.

*from “My VR Settings - Index” I raise:
Terrain LOD:100
Buildings, Trees, Bush: HIGH
Clouds: more often HIGH than MEDIUM
Reflections: HIGH
Light Shaft: HIGH
BLOOM: OFF [05APR2021: changed to off otherwise this makes fuzzy integral lighting and more blurry EFIS]


Hi Captain!
I have tried to set SteamVR as OpenXR runtime and force motion smoothing but it does not kick in, even when I reach 30 fps (it is very stuttery and choppy, MUCH worse than 30 fps with WMR.

How could you activate it at 18 fps???

I restarted SteamVR as well and my settings look OK:

Thanks a lot!

With the Index ! SteamVR 1.16.x fixed rate and motion smoothing enhancements are only for headsets using the SteamVR Compositor (Index, Pimax?, Vive?). This is indicated in their release notes.

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The HP Reverb G2 does not using SteamVR Compositor? Sorry for this maybe dumb question!

No, the G2 is using the WMR compositor, either directly with WMR apps, or indirectly via OXR for WMR or WMR for SteamVR.

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Thx for the quick answer!

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Some additional details here:

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