VR Toolbar Issue

Hey gang,
Getting back into MSFS after a few months off, or at least trying too. Got all my updates.
Having an issue now with the VR Toolbar. I can pull up ATC window just fine, but now I can not pull up the others like Nav Log, Map, etc. It opens up into two images smashed right up to my eyes and is totally unusable. Anyone else seen this? I am now using a Vive Pro 2. I did not have this issue prior a few months ago with my Reverb G2.

I will tell ya I am about ready to ■■■■ can this thing, one minute it is fine and very next try it is a total stutter fest. Unbelievable. Been working on this two days and total frustration on my part. I did a verify on Steam and ended up showing me I needed the world updates again, so I got them again. Maybe my install is now borked who knows. I lowered the res down to like 2200 per eye, and it was a slideshow still. Yesterday for a short time I ran it at around 2800 per eye and it was nice and smooth.

Did you try to click on the “Reset Panels” option in the panels selection one?
It usually fixes them for me.
Make sure the panels are closed before pressing the reset button.

For the performance, since SU5, VR has been exceptionally smooth for me (Radeon 6800 XT MBE) with very high settings.
I have an original WMR headset using 100% render scale with both OXR and MSFS. Resolution is 2208 x 2208 per eye.

I was not aware of that option, thanks whilst not sure where it is I will have a look later on today when I can fly again and see. Hoping that works sound promising.

Good to hear and thanks for the feedback - I am using Vive Pro 2 with an EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra and like I mentioned previously the day before I was getting good performance and image quality. Not sure what tanked it yesterday for me. I am running Steam VR for MSFS fixed and fps locked to 30 in Steam VR. 2 days ago it looked pretty darn good, yesterday even at much lower resolution it was a slide show and image looked pretty rough.

Last night before going to bed I did another Steam Integrity check. Then launched the game and it grabbed a small update but at least this time it still showed I had all the World Updates. Did not have time to test it but I will be later on today probably this afternoon. I am trying to remain hopeful.

This post/thread may be helpful:


I have a G2 and have the store version of MSFS rather than steam. There are some comments in the attached threads about steam vr being a little worse performance wise, but with your hardware it shouldn’t be a slideshow. There’s some good stuff in here about lowering the rendering resolution when using motion reprojection that might be helpful.

My experience is good - i9 10900K, 64Gb ram, rtx 3080 with the G2. I;m sure with your hardware you can get there too.

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Much thanks I will have a look.

This feature is the first option you find in the VR Toolbar settings. It is located in the rightmost item.

Just open the VR toolbar using TAB. Then, in the rightmost one, the cog, you’ll find the “Reset Panels”.

Again, based on my experience, it is better to make sure the popups are closed before doing it. I also use the settings to disable panels I don’t use since it has been reported to offer some FPS gains (which I never really measured).

Thanks much, just got back home from a round of golf, will get cooled off and give it a whirl here shortly. Also anxious to see if doing the Steam Integrity check might get me the performance back I was initially getting a few days ago. Yesterday it was a literal slide show no matter how much I lowered the resolution in Steam VR. And the day before that it was running nice and smooth around 2800x2800 per eye, with throttling set to fixed at 30 fps.

Ok seems I am back in business! Much thanks for the help with the toolbar, I had to go in and reset each one that was messed up, they are all fine now.
And my performance is back. Hopefully the Steam Integrity check did the trick on whatever was going on yesterday. Just ran about an hour flight in the 172 and it did very good, same flight plan I was running. Will do some more flights today to be sure, and also start tweaking some gfx settings.
Thanks again!

Everything still going well thank goodness! Had three nice flights today, still playing around with different graphics settings. I take it MSFS still does not have an FPS counter?