HPG H145 Air Manager Panels

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If you use the instruments separately you must define the MFD in the properties
as 2 (right pilot MFD) and 4 left pilot MFD) or else the buttons will not work.
In the panel they are defined correctly.

So currently I am working on an Air Manager Ipad app. Still a long way to go

Here is a first screenshot

Screen Shot 10-15-22 at 10.44 AM.PNG

Thank you. I thought it was something simple. I’ll try it later today.
I may have to get a larger touch screen than my 15.6. That might mean moving my wife’s office out of the room. :grimacing:

An new version has been uploaded to

The new version includes an updated Overhead Panel. Almost all switches are working (exception HISL due to an LVAR and Event Error), Potentiometers are working, Knobster is compatible to Overhead (3 way switch logic has been modified). Some Switches appear and disappear depending on version and equipment.

In addition the Upper Overhead Panel has also been added for the Bus Tie and Gen Switches

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Where in air manager do I import the H145 panel files

SimInnovations has an eccellent manual in which all your questions about Air Manager can be answered

The panel being in early Alpha stage it is not yet recommended for people needing installation help. In a later edition we will add a documentation for the panels but not for Air Manager itself

Being a nice person I will try to help you but still you will need to read the AM Manual:

Import the Panel into Air Manager via the Edit/Create Tab. Then on the main Tab select Add Panel and choose the Panel. Finally activate the Panel by clicking the Bulb icon

So it’s been some time since my last update, but I just uploaded a new version of the H-145 panels for Air Manager including a new instrument : A Tablet containing currently 3 pages.

Please be advised that at the current development stage the instrument should only be started after the aircaft has been loaded into FS2020

-Crew and Equipment Page: This page is at 99% identical to the H145 Cockpit instrument and currently all non-military variants are working

-Equipment Page: this Page regroups multiple Options from different pagges of the original Tablet to be activated for the H145

-Operations Page: Currently the Hoist Operations, ATC and Rotor Brake are working correctly. HISL, and Camera Selection will follow in the next days, Dump Bucket is not working currently

-page 4 is currently in POC (Proof of Concept and only shows a map

The Panels can be downloaded at H-145 HPG Air Manager Instruments » Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Thank you for these panels for the H145. I’m just coming back into MSFS after 10 years, hooked on the H145 and these air manager panels make my experience outstanding. Looking forward to their continued development.

This community is amazing. Love being back and learning from a fire hose!

Happy to know you are working on the tablet. I’ve been trying to use it popped out on my touch tablet. It is the only item that won’t work with touch. The buttons will only respond with mouse clicks. The MFD and the AP buttons all work. I’ve used Pop-Out Manager and RightAlt+Click. I was hoping to be able to select pages and work the Auto-Pilot from my touch screen. Any ideas why it won’t work ?