HPG H145 - Anyone with system specs close to mine and using VR?

Greetings all!

Just trying to see if anyone flying this beauty, has similar specs as i do, as i am not drowning in FPS flying VR / Reverb G2 and curious to see if anyone, how you guys system is handling on your side?

Ryzen 9 5900X / 32 GB 3600 MHz / RTX 3090

So far the only Heli giving me close to 40 FPS non MR is the default 407, and the H145 drains quite some juice, i like it though since i got it a few days, that even with lower FPS i even fly it.

I have a 4070ti and the H145 causes some stuttering at times, it is a complex heli.

It is infrequent and VR in general has issues for most. I have good periods and bad, with now being bad due to something somewhere.

A regular total reinstall of MSFS is the only thing I’ve found to help.

The H145 is still a work in progress, but it is still the best helicopter there is as in how you can fly it.


Wel before dinner i went to check the VR thread for the heck of it and came across new post on the below thread, i tried OldpondGL post from 4 days ago, i did his settings and followed what they say int he link he gives us. I went from a barely stable 26 fps with almost all lowest setting in the H145 with no MR (barely 23 fps when using MR), to the stock High-End preset settings and left it all as is, i only tried it a few minutes, i was getting between 40-44 FPS.

I am able now to log into the sim and try again, but so far, it is day and night performance changes. When i installed the H145 i had a few med settings and it went as low as 19 FPS the first rescue mission i tried it was so much low FPS and stutter, i felt like i was trying to do a rescue mission in pitch black with a strobe light on :). So if this is a constant performance i get, it changes my MSFS experience, we will see. :slight_smile:

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Well i finaly put the finger on what caused me having so much issues with performance and getting low FPS no matter what i tried, when i followed Zendesk list of things to do check with what i could, one thing cought my attention and since i am not a tech guy, was not sure how much this could be why i was having issues, and i did a test yesterday and confirmed it was. When i went to select High Performance Power Plan in my settings, i found it, my computer was set for some reason by default at Power Saving since i never went in there since i bought this new builted PC, so i did a test, drop it back from High Performance to Power Saving, and bingo, FPS were back at the lowest it could be, and i tried afterwards to set it at Balanced instead of High Perf so CPU does not run full throttle non stop and Balanced was giving me pretty much same performance than using the Highest Perf profile.

So yeah my issues was a stupid thing that i did not know about, for me Power Plan was mostly improtant for Laptops (in my mind it was mostly to save battery :)), never realized it also included stuff for CPU, but again when you do not read much on tech stuff, these things can easily not come to your attention. :S All few other stuff i adjusted according to that List and other stuff i read might had helped a bit, but the Power Plan change was what made the whole thing going from night to day light.

so once again my clumsiness caused me issues :stuck_out_tongue:

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I had this issue years ago with a music making program on a new system, where I went backwards on performance. And yes, it was the power plan.

Unfortunately, that isn’t an easy fix for me, but that is great for you. Don’t feel bad or stupid, as it is an easy thing that is stacked against you, like so many other things that we don’t ask for with Windows.

My issue is that things have worked great, and then they get worse with the same settings.

Now you can really enjoy the H145.