HPG Hot Air Balloon Released


The Hype Performance Group Hot Air Balloon costs $15 USD and will be released this Friday, October 7th exclusively via our website


The hot air balloon was the first successful human-carrying flight technology. The first untethered manned hot air balloon flight was performed by Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and François Laurent d’Arlandes on November 21, 1783, in Paris, France.

Highly Detailed 3D Model, Textures and Animations

  • Professionally modeled with incredible interior and exterior details
  • 17 liveries included, all at 4K resolution and with PBR textures inside and out
  • Fully animated cockpit and animations for inflation, deflation, stall and collapse
  • Animated 3D humans including a hot air balloon operator and 2 passengers
  • Designed and optimized for VR with great FPS performance, working VR Cockpit Zoom and proper visual scaling throughout the model

Avionics & Systems

  • Steam gauges showing barometric altitude, vertical speed and envelope thermometer
  • Available AI pilot that can control the hot air balloon based off terrain or altitude
  • EFB tablet included with maps and additional apps available
  • Balloonist Maps App: shows GPS speed and track
  • Little NavMap App: connect to LNM, the free open source flight planner, navigation tool, moving map, airport search and airport information system
  • Nearby Radio Stations: listen to radio stations local to the area you’re currently flying in

Hot Air Balloon Flight Model

  • Fully integrated internal hot air balloon flight model and envelope simulation
  • Power Plant: 2x 12 million BTU burners with realistic visual and sound effects

Immersive Sounds

  • Realistic burner and environmental soundsded

Bonus Features

  • Launch fireworks with realistic visual and audio smoke and explosion effects
  • Create other nearby AI flown HPG Hot Air Balloons on demand
  • HPG Hot Air Balloon can be set to follow a MSFS flight plan or current wind conditions


These details are awesome, for example that old rucksack with the mountain climbing equipment and stuff.
And all the gas bottles and the fire extinguisher is high-polygon and not ugly angular octagonal, the visual quality of the cockpit is really top-notch!

But you forgot one important detail :wink: hot air balloons are beautyfully illuminated at night, like a lantern with a candle insight while the burners are on.


Wow looks like the beautiful world of msfs has reached the next level of development and evolution…

A early morning drift across the Savanah or the rolling Waikato plains… recreating that stunning Cappadocia… or “the lighting of the balloons” now we need to implement some human physics in msfs by having a human running off a cliff in a paraglider or a hang-glider, then modeling parachuting


Is it possible to drop stuff in order to see wind direction?

This looks utterly amazing. Can’t wait to get it. Well done for continuing to do things with the sim that others aren’t and for pushing boundaries of whats possible.


Did they though? Saw a youtube video on it;

burners off;

burners on;


People have to pay for this?


Of course. I assume you don’t work for free either.


I’m sorry my attempt at irony has clearly failed.

I thought, when I saw this product for sale, that it was a joke.

It reminded me of the time Paul McCartney boasted he could get a nursery rhyme to number 1 in the charts just because it was he singing it. And he did.


Will it get around the world in 80 days :thinking: :laughing:


if you manage to get it up to the jetstream, a lot faster I think :slight_smile:


Good day everyone!

Following yesterday’s announcement of the HPG Hot Air Balloon we are happy to now present our official trailer produced by Aer Odyssey VFX!


It’ll be awesome fun recreating the Cappadocia hot air balloon festival in Turkey, especially in multiplayer.

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If you just say what you’re thinking - e.g. if you criticize a product being payware because you think it shouldn’t be payware - that’s not irony.


Looks like another great release by HPG! I reserved a spot in my hangar allready.


It looks beautiful, shame it won’t be available in the MarketPlace.

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Just another question about the “take off” in the balloon. I noticedin the videos online that the balloon is allready taking off without being fully inflated. Is there a release (parking brake hotkey) button to let the balloon take off after being fully inflated or when a certain temperature has been reached?

I will 'cede your point as my old brain isn’t up to discussing English grammar semantics “the noo”.

Here is my preview video in german language. I have absolutely no clue regarding hot air ballons, but what a fun this was. Thanks for letting me test this.

Kind Regards


That is not intended behavior, I have not seen this in any of my many sessions with it.

Do you remember what video you saw this so we can research the root cause?