HTC Vive Cosmos Elite - Black in VR

I’m running the latest SteamVR Beta, running the latest Vive Console beta. When I initiate VR, the monitor shows 2 screens and everything looks good. In the headset though, I get a flash of the menu in VR, then everything goes black.

I do not have any HDR enabled monitors, so I’m unable to turn off HDR in Windows. In FS2020, the option to disable HDR is greyed out, and states that it is on.

Does anyone have anything I can try? Thanks for your help.

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Not really fixed, but if I lean forward, things get to looking normal. It’s like I’m stuck behind a black wall. Resetting seated position in SteamVR (which that button is gone in the beta…that makes it difficult) does not help. I had thought I fixed it, but I just can’t fly hunched over my desk for very long.

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I have the same problem as you big black circles hiding the menu when I enter the game. I note from SteamVR I have switch to VR mode in game from the monitor it does not go into VR mode from Steam VR.

I have reported this problem to Zendesk. Report below:

"I have gone into MS2020 to play VR on my HTC Vive Cosmos Elite only to find that most of the VR image is taken up by two big black circles and on the edges of my screen is white with a grey grid. The black circles only appear in the headset, not on the display of the VR image on the monitor.

There is a menu for FS2020 displayed on the monitor, but this menu is not visible in the VR headset. If I activate one of the HTC motion controllers to go to the VR menu for Steam VR the FS2020 menu appears in the background behind the Steam VR menu (but I can’t interact with the FS2020 menu, when Steam VR menu mode is activated) and as soon as I press the motion controller to close the Steam VR menu the big black circles come back obstructing any view of the menu for FS2020 and the menu for FS2020 disappears.

Even when the motion controllers are off and not being used the big black circles where your eyes would be are there.

Very frustrating and disappointing experience for Christmas.

Another user has I think has the same problem- This link

I am running the Steam VR beta and also the beta for the Vive console. But the same problem occurs as well just running the game in regular Steam VR and Vive Console.

HDR is off in Windows, in game when VR is not running I can see in the settings for graphics in the actual game that HDR 10 is on but greyed out (again HDR is off in Windows though). There is no way to turn it off in the game as its greyed out. In VR mode, I notice there is no setting for HDR.

I also note that when I access the game from Steam VR, the game launches but does not open in VR and I have to switch to VR from the general section and then VR mode section of the game whilst in the game. At this stage the only way to access VR for the game is in the VR mode section and selecting to switch to VR.

If I go from Steam VR into MS2020, the game launches the headset remains completely blank, but on my monitor I can see the game opening and the intro and loading screens and then the menu appear."

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Managed to get it to work.
when the game starts but before switching to VR, bring up the steam VR menu while using the headset. on the bottom right(3rd icon from the right) there there is an option saying - Reset Standing Position. once i do that and then switch to VR mode it works properly.

Have you tried installing the 3rd party Advanced Settings module for vive? It gives a fix for this problem for me. By running the Advanced Settings module seems to ‘reset’ something in Flightsim. Each time the headset display breaks (back to 95% black circles) I simply run the Advanced Settings module again.

any fixes for this cause im facing the same :frowning:

Stuck here …

Same exact issue here with a Vive Cosmos Elite, tried everything listed above, no luck.

Best I had was some small improvement after installing OpenXR beta - that led to FS2020 dispalying but taking up about 1/3rd of the HMD screen, and only on the left side.

Running out of ideas to try here…anyone else had success?

Same With Me Still Looking for help…

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