HUD isn’t displaying properly in external view with the Eurofighter Xbox

Today I purchased the Eurofighter for the Xbox edition. But when I go to the external view my hud isn’t displaying properly see photo below.

It should be displaying like this on the photo below like it does on all the rest of my planes. Note this pic was taken from another source.

Is there a setting so I can get it back to normal? Or is this a new bug?

If anyone can help or shed some light on to why this is happening or how to fix it.

Thanks in advance newb simmer.

Welcome to the forums! For third-party aircraft, airports, scenery, and tools/utilities, discussion happens in Third Party Addon Discussion category. I have moved your post there.

Thank you hopefully someone can help there.

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Hope so! I don’t own the Eurofighter, myself.

Yes it’s impossible to fly it never mind land it as you can’t see anything. The speed, altitude, engine power etc.

Looks like it does on all modded planes. I also have this on the A32NX.

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I see so it’s not just me then. Hopefully this gets fixed soon then. As this doesn’t seem to be the case on pc.

I have the same problem with A32NX and other community airliners on PC after SU5.

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Hopefully the next update will sort things out :crossed_fingers:t2: