HUD View Changed from Modern to LEGACY?!

In another ironic terminology and bad implementation by Microsoft and Asobo, the external HUD view is using a legacy view instead of the MODERN speed tape.

What is going on??!

How do we get the MODERN speed tape back for the external HUD view??

Having the exact same problem. Anyone have any ideas?

After experimenting for a bit, this finally worked for me.

I went into the options and turned off external HUD. I fly a plane in external view (you shouldn’t be able to see the HUD now) for a few minutes. Quit Flight Simulator. Reboot my computer. Restart Flight Simulator. Fly a modern airplane and check the external view. Go to the options and turn on HUD view again. Then it should work. At least that’s what worked for me.

Something is really broken by Microsoft and Asobo. It’s truly maddening how crapy this software is.

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