HUD while in cockpit view

I love the HUD when using the external camera view

Can we have the option to have this HUD also while in cockpit view?

Preferably with the ability to customise what is shown on HUD


Several others have asked for this in the past and it’s a great idea. X-Plane 10 offers this feature. For those of us with smaller monitors (or old eyes!) it’s difficult to read all the gauges while trying to land in the conventional cockpit view. A HUD showing radar altitude, airspeed, flap setting, throttle setting, surface wind speed/direction, trim, and the plane’s heading would be fantastic. While I’m dreaming, how about a toggle key to make the aircraft invisible in the exterior view. Sometimes when I pan around to try to find an airport, the plane gets in the way, especially if I use the zoom function.


Small screen is my issue. I’m a laptop gamer, so looking at gauges on a 15inch screen is not easy


A small top of the screen HUD, similar to FSX & P3D, would be a big help when using the interior view. In some aircraft, it is very difficult to read gauges while maintaining stable flight. A simple Heading, Speed and Altitude would suffice.


On the assumption that MSFS-2020 is an upgrade to MSFS-X, please restore the ability to add the instruments of your choice to the size and location of your choice. These should be visible in both Cockpit and Drone views.

I was able to create a custom HUD using a third-party product called “Panel Builder”. Attached is a screen print. The instruments are there in any view mode (they are overlaid on the MSFS screen). You create a “HUD” for each type of airplane. Since I fly only single engine classic/vintage/antique planes it works good and simulates what was available in MSFS-X.


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Does the cockpit HUD introduced a couple of Sim Updates ago is what you were looking for ?

That minimal text “HUD” has been there all along. I don’t have it turned on in cockpit, because I’m already in the cockpit looking at instruments. I do have it turned on for external views.

I only fly planes with analog instruments – pre-1960 SEL.

What I want is one of the following:
A. Restoration of what we had in FSX where “steam” instruments were in view.
B. In multiple windows, the ability to choose any camera so you can have a selected portion of your instrument panel on another monitor (like 14").