Huge FPS loss with July 27th large update

Hoping someone can help. I’m experiencing a large FPS loss with this latest update. I know I don’t have a powerful system but I was getting 28-30 FPS with moderate settings before this mega update. Now I’m getting 10-12 FPS. I’ve been researching on google with lots of suggestions that had no results. I’ve updated my system and all programs. I have the latest Nvidia drivers. Even if I lower all graphics settings in MSFS 2020 there is no change. Frame rate stays at 10 - 12. I’m at a loss what is doing this. Everyone seems to be gaining and I’m going the other way. Would appreciate any help.
My computher specs are:

Intel i7 4790 4.0 gigahertz

32 gigs ram

Video card Nvidia GTX 960 8 GIGS RAM

Thanks Gerry

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Couple of thoughts

First off - I’m assuming clean community folder?

Have you mucked about with the config.opt file and updated LOD settings at all in the past - worth checking

Do you have v sync set on in game or in nvidia control panel? If so, try turning it off and removing any frame rate caps (especially the in game one - if I set that to 30, I get 14 FPS - no idea why).

Try real time traffic off, multiplayer off (in the data settings as well as in the flying conditions page - that doesn’tactually turn it off)

I have a 3600, 16RAM and a 970. I am getting 45 FPS with drops to 35 (over New York). Just to let you know how well it is running now in terms of FPS.
Have you deleted the Rolling Cache ?

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You asked if I deleted the Rolling Cache, No I haven’t. Should I delete it?

Yeah, you should. Rolling cache contains textures for the areas you have flown before, it could cause severe performance problems like yours. Nobody knows why, not even Asobo I guess.


I have to wait until tomorrow to get to my computer so I’ll post result then.

I just love when people compare specs and FPS without mentioning their resolution.

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Thanks - I’ll believe you - but have turned it off anyway :grinning:

Agreed - although the OP is saying they are seeing a 50%+ drop in FPS, so assuming resolution unchanged (my assumption - so maybe I shouldn’t assume) that feels out of line with most other people’s experience. But if the OP has turned resolution up from 1080 to 4K, that would certainly explain it :grin:

Thanks again for all the input.
I want to add some additional input that has come up.
I’m not using a resolution of 4K. I am set at 1080. All of my settings where I was getting 28 FPS before the 7/27/21 update has not changed.

I’ve taken everyone’s advice with no change in the FPS.
I’ve deleted the Rolling Cache,
I’ve turned off V-Sync both in the sim and the Nvidia control panel.
I’ve turned of real live traffic.

Still getting 12-13 FPS. If I use the low end setting I pick up 3 to 4 FPS.

I appreciate everyone’s help. I have only added one purchase to the sim. An ultra light. Deleted it but that didn’t make a difference.

Some people just don’t know :wink: go easy.

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