Huge performance issues with Drzewiecki Chicago and Seattle all of a sudden

Lately I have huge framerate drops when flying near Seattle and Chicago. I have Drzewiecki’s landmarks installed for both cities. Whenever I fly low at lets say 2000ft near both destinations, the framerate slowly but steadily goes down the drain. It basically starts 10-20 nm out. First the framerate goes into the low 20s, and when I’m very close it’s at 10ish, still decreasing. Sooner or later I have 2fps. And it stays there and never goes up again. I let the plane continue on autopilot for a while, leaving the area, but the framerate stayed at 1-3 fps.

I also have KORD and Tacoma airport, so just to be sure, I disabled both and even photogrammetry. Live traffic is off. That doesn’t change a thing. The issue is reproducible 100% of the time.

Only if I uninstall both landmarks from Drzewiecki that I have the usual framerate at about 20-30fps. So it looks like it is definitely a problem with the Drzewiecki landmarks. But I haven’t really heard from anyone having the same issues and I think both landmarks are rather popular, so it might be a problem on my end. Funny thing is, that I had both products for a while and never had these kinds of issues before.

What specs are you running? I have the same issue but only with Chicago landmarks where it heavily bottlenecks my GPU when I am near the buildings fps goes below 20.I pointed this out to the developer in their forums and the issue is yet to be resolved. Suggest checking your vram usage when this occurs.

I have a Ryzen 9 3900, 32GB RAM and a RTX 2080S.

I currently have my settings at Medium-Hight with a few at Ultra. Usually my system is capable of putting out 45ish fps in non photogrammetry areas and 26-35 fps in more dense areas. New York, Paris and even London run fine.

i have found SU9 has done no favours for the chicago city pack . had to uninstall it to fly round the city

Somethings going on with their airports, basically none of them work very well, if at all, on the Xbox. Krakow for example, crashes 100% of the time when you load in there.

used to be flawless with SU8. i do miss chicago and Las vegas city packs. also had to remove orbxs london pack too

Developers need to be able to debug, and test their addons in a live environment. Particularly important with a closed system like the Xbox. Otherwise, it’s just going to get worse and worse.

or while Asobo are working on an update it should be tested prior to launch on xboxs with all the market place add ons running on it. and for our P.C brothers a recommended and minimum spec P.Cs. Asobo get a cut from all marketplace sales and it shouldnt be up to 3rd party devs to fix what Asobo have broken. costs them time and money and delays them from working on new things for us all.
this forum is already a self help group for sim problems, we shouldnt be crash testers too.

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