Hugh Mesh problem in The Netherlands (Brabant area)

After take off at EHBK heading for EHEH I saw directly in the North West a hugh wall and entering the EHBD (Budel area) it was clear that it was a hugh mesh problem.

Anyone else see these problem or is it just me?

I disabled third party airports in Brabant temporary to exclude problems but no luck.

Happy landings…

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Yes!.. I saw the exact same thing yesterday. Took off from EHBK in the C172 headed directly north to check out the new EHVK scenery that I just installed. I saw the wall as well in the North-West.

I removed all 3rd party scenery objects, aircraft and utilities from the community folder and did the flight again with the TBM. Now the wall was gone…so I thought it must have been due to some 3rd party scenery error.

I will try again this afternoon.

I did the same as you, removing EHVK and EHEH without any luck but will also check it again.

Problem Solved, Bad add-on in South of the Netherlands was causing te problem.

Yes, just tested this as well and it seems to be the Maastricht add-on which is available on
I will send a message to the guy who created it.