Hunting for FLC and speed events and variables - G1000

I’m trying to find the event that activates the FLC mode in the G1000 and the events that control the airspeed in climb and descent as well as the variables that change as a result of the events. This amateur appreciates all help.


Adjust the speed with
AP_SPD_VAR_INC (value 1)
AP_SPD_VAR_DEC (value 1)

davux3 Thanks. I’ll give this a try and let you know how it works for me.

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davux3 I was able to find and program the variable and adjust the speed with a knob. However, I cannot find the event FLIGHT_LEVEL_CHANGE. I’m trying to use my GoFlight modules in FS2020. As you probably know, GoFlight has not come out with any guidance or programs for FS2020 so I’m using a third party program, GoFlight Interface Tool. I’ve got most of the buttons I want to work working correctly but can’t get a button to trigger FLC in the GS1000. i appreciate your help. I’ll gladly accept any additional advice.

FLIGHT_LEVEL_CHANGE is an event in SimConnect, they are registered by name. I actually don’t know anything about GoFlight (lots of apps/addons :slight_smile: ), but if you can’t set freeform event text then I don’t think it’ll work.

But anything using the legacy SimConnect that lets you specify the events that get registered, should work. You shouldn’t require super new software, just that the software enabled you to specify the event vs a database of its own events that they thought was complete.