Husky stuck on spawn location

Does anyone else have the issue with the Aviat Husky getting stuck at the spawn location?

This started happening to me a few weeks ago. At first every now and then and now pretty consistently.

The animation shows the brakes engaged even though my controller is sending a “0” signal. (MFG Crosswinds - yes, I re-calibrated them using their software and their software is showing the outputs of “0”). If I start pressing the pedals the animations will show movement but I can’t find a spot where they will display at the "off’ position not can I find a spot where the aircraft will start rolling. Reversing the input does not correct the problem nor does any changes I can make under the “sensitivities” window.

Sometimes increasing the throttle and pushing the stick forward will “unstick” the aircaft. Most times I can’t get it to move. The aircraft is definitely responding to the throttle and all other axis commands but it just won’t move from its starting location. On floats and in the water is the only way to get it moving for now. ( I like floats).

I thought it might be a parking brake issue but using the keyboard commands to set/unset the partking brakes doesn’t do anything either.

I am kinda at a loss at the moment. The problem seems so obvious that I would have expected others to have reported it by now.

Thanks and any thoughts appreciated. When it flies I can wholeheartedly recomend the Husky. Its a great module when it isn’t stuck.

Look at a deadzone for the pedals in your software settings. Have always left mine to 5% or so for this very reason.

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Thanks! I will try that :slight_smile:

Nope. Seems when the pedals are untouched the brakes are on and as soon as you depress them they move to an “almost off” position and then track the pedals normally. I can’t find a deadzone or other setting that will have the pedals “off” when I am not pressing them. I guess I could mess with the pedals in with their own configuration software but then I would be messing with every other module and flight sim I have so for now I think the Husky is going to be a floats only airplane for me. Thanks for the input though.