Hydrogen powerplant

Hi there i was wondering if there is a way to convert jet or turboprop aircraft to hydrogen powered aircraft

If you could, how would you like to see that represented in the sim, as opposed to a traditional fuel supply?

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I suppose you meant… within the Sim? The first step would be to limit range greatly.

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Just turn the volume down :joy::crazy_face::joy:



The problem is not getting a turbine to run on hydrogen (not to say that’s without it’s challenges), it’s storing enough of it in in a compact, lightweight way to be practical.

That’s much less of a challenge in the sim than in real world :slight_smile:

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Yes directly in aircraft settings or in the sdk when developing the aircraft

I saw that Airbus is also developing H2 aircraft sow, the question is how to inculde or calculate it directly in the sim

Maybe a 3rd party developer will develop the Hindenburg. :grin:

Ah so much scope for comedy!
You set 'em up son and I’ll knock 'em down. :grin: