Hype H145 spins out of control for no apparent reason

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When flying the Hype H145 helicopter, at random intervals it aggressively spins out of control. I have been on their Discord and I seem to be the only one having this problem. I’m posting here to see if anybody else is experiencing this.

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I will try to upload video. It is too large here.

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Happens randomly no matter what I am doing

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Not an MSFS issue. I am using build 340 of the H145

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Here is a video of the J145 spinning out of control.

Any ideas on what might be doing this would be appreciated. I have tried numerous things.

Turned off MSFS heli assists
turned off crash on both MSFS and H145

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I am going to go with the altitude unless that is somehow a result of the issue?

Does not operate at that altitude.

No, I usually fly at around 1,000 ft above ground. No where near that level. This is definitely a result of the problem.

Is there anybody at all experiencing this? My installation is totally stable with all other aircraft that i’ve flown including the Asobo Helicopters. Even the H135 flew fine. For some reason it is only the H145 (my favorite).

If that’s the case, post video of spinning at 1000 feet to put this in context.

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Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing?
You said you have been on the HPG Discord channel - have you actually made contact with the developers there and had any advice to work with? I am going to go with it sounds more like an issue with your installation of the H145 rather than a sim problem, i.e. it does not sound like any other aircraft particularly helicopters are giving you any problems.

But all my other aircraft fly perfectly. I’m checking my key bindings right now.

i have the same problem. Took a 40 minutes flight. Minutes before landing this bug happen and destroyed my flight. I had this bug 3 times now. I use the latest version of the H145

Latest build 361 has resolved this issue for me.

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I’m having this problem every once in a while. Sometimes an update causing it - sometimes an update resolving it.

Typically, the helicopter makes a sudden yaw/pitch/roll movement in flight every so and so many seconds - or at random. The error appears to be caused by accidental cyclic trimming from the autopilot. However I haven’t found the cause of this interference. Sometimes it is coupled to starting a flight with flight plan on a runway with engines running - no need to take off then, she will come down within a few minutes. But sometimes the effect also shows up when starting cold and dark.

Try this: Center console, AP section, disable “A. Trim” button on the left. Keep all other AP functions enabled. Flying becomes a bit more challenging then, but she becomes at least controllable - in a way.


  • All AP functions (eg. ALT, HDG, etc.) are not active; check panels, too, if any
  • CYCLIC TRIM RELEASE is assigned somewhere to the stick (“TOGGLE ENGINE 4 ANTI ICE”, actually)
  • Aircraft (Setup) / AFCS ATT Follow-Up Trim: select “Only Cruise”
  • Start engines, activate all AP switches, go into flight mode and take off
  • First time the A.TRIM interferes in a strange way, hold CYCLIC TRIM RELEASE and maneuver manually until straight and level flight is achieved

Thereafter the heli should keep a stable attitude.

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