Just to let you guys know: I’m using a 6700K@4.7ghz and just found out that MSFS really profits from enabling Hyperthreading in th BIOS. I get significantly less stutters and random freezes with HT enabled.


I’m going to try this later, but do you think AMDs equivalent SMT would make any difference? Has anyone tried this?

i mean its not rocket science that it would make an improvement given its a cpu intensive sim (especially with the volumetric clouds)

op gets a big difference because they only have 4 cores to begin with, there’s really no reason to disable smt/ht in general


Just to let you know… anyone knows that. :laughing:

Well I just switched from P3D which performed better with HT off (on my machine).


Clouds are raymarched on the GPU. The CPU’s busy streaming data, running physics etc.

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so with this logic does it make any sense enabling or disabling HT in the i5-9600k?


Clear improvement and ultra smooth performance with HT ON in MSFS. The bittersweet thing is P3D is the total opposite, runs smoother and with better FPS with HT OFF. That is going to be annoying when using both sims.


100% agree with you.

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Boo…I have a i7-9700k so no HT.

My performance seems pretty good for the most part…9700k, RTX 2070, 32gb, 1440p…using what game set as default settings for now(HIGH END). But the dev mode FPS panel shows Limited by CPU. :frowning:

it will always be limited by either CPU or GPU. Else you would have infinite frames…just check the temps and make sure everything is acceptable

I’ve never had to disable hyperthreading for any of the current simulators (X-Plane 11, P3D V5 or MSFS). It seems to be something of an urban myth. I get very stable performance on the Ultra setting at 1440p.

8700K @ 4.8GHz, 32GB 3200 RAM, GTX 1080 Ti (overclocked)

My poor old Haswell 4770k was struggling. It’s oc to 4.4ghz. I had HT off as it would crash Hell Let Loose and DCS. But FS2020 was near unplayable, NYC was a slide show. I turned HT back on. The sim is very playable now, even NYC is playable, a little “framey” but very playable. I’m running with 32gb of slow 1866 ram, off of a SATA EVO860 SSD and a stock FE RTX 2080. Win2004. I’m pushing things as I’ve got a 34" g-sync monitor 3660x1440 with everything on the High End (not ultra) setting. I did the following after researching FS2020 performance issues;

1 - Turned on HT
2 - went to FlightSimulator.exe and in Compatibility checked box on “Disable Full-screen Optimisations”
3 - went to FlightSimulator.exe and in properties under High CPI Scaling Override checked the box next to Override high dpi scaling behavior: Scaling performed by Application
4 - Turned off “Game Mode”
5 - Turned off Xbox game bar
6 - in background recording turned off "record in the background while I’m playing a game and turned off Record audio when I record in game.

This has bought me time until I’m compelled to upgrade, I’m hopping Intel bring out a CPU that’ll do PCIE4 next year before I do so.

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The sim scales meaningfully up to 8 threads,

R7 3700X @ Stock
(excuse the rudimentry data presentation)

If you have a 4 core or 6 core cpu, you will most likely benefit from hyperthreading / SMT.
If you have an 8 core or more cpu, you may see greater performance with it disabled.


I confirm the above post.
I get much better performances without HT on my i7 10700k (8 cores)

I recently turned off SMT on my Ryzen 1700 (8 cores). Could be a placebo effect but I seem to be getting a much smoother experience. FPS is still the same but a lot less lag spikes.


If I remember correctly FSX ran better with HT turned off so as another poster stated playing FSX and MFS poses a bit of a problem unless you went into the BIOS first and made the necessary changes before you launched either sim.

Thanks. This confirms what I thought, and had been seeing. 8+ cores, turn it off.

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HT turned on gave me a significant FPS boost once I figured how to keep the game stable.
Glass cockpit on ultra settings jumped from avg 35-40 to 55-60 FPS. Initially kept crashing after 30-45 seconds with HT on, but stabilised with some BIOS tweaking.

…What’s your cpu, clock speed, gpu, monitor resolution?