I am just glad to be alive after this incident... not sure when I will get back in the air

Virtual NTSB footage of nearly tragic virtual events which unfolded in an actual simulation of a fictional situation at PANC, Anchorage, Alaska on the actual evening of April 4th, 2024.


You know, Multiplayer.

You’re never safe with this feature :smiley:

I was thinking there should be “Levels” of multiplayer “Licenses” that you earn by following the rules, and some artificial intelligence FAA or something keeps track of your compliance.


Double-edged sword.

Might keep out the riff-raff.
Might be too restrictive.

I prefer freedom. It would be nice to be able to lock players out of MY multiplayer session. Not sure I want an overlord handling that.

Meh, I just ignore the F Bros out there (people who fly fighters and ornithopters in ridiculous fashion, and honorable mention members who spawn 747s on 2000’ rural airstrips)

I do find it odd that I never hear other players make stock ATC calls, I thought wed hear others on CTAF or Unicom where applicable but I never do.

Well, I’d like a phaser weapon option on my truck to eliminate the idiots I encounter on my daily commute. So maybe I’m less tolerant than you of stupid people. :wink:

I wouldn’t take that bet! My dream is a giant pancake flipper.

I was taxiing just seconds before takeoff from Portland airport, USA when a DHL Boeing drove straight through my plane if i weren’t there this morning…If this was real life my plane was crushed…

Thanks for waiting, #not…

Ill just point out when that happens, with how this game works, you may have been invisible to them, or just a floating name tag.