I am no longer able to open a Desktop window while in VR mode

When I first got my Reverb G2 and got everything set up I was able to activate and open a desktop window while in VR mode. Now when I try to do the same it exists VR mode when attempting to open a desktop window. Does anyone have any insight?

Yes, it used to work but atm It’s broken as pressing the win key on the controller exits VR. The only way is to open the window you want in the Mixed Reality Portal House and make it follow you/pinned, then enter the sim.

I never found a smooth way to do that. I did have success with the electronic flight bag which brings PDFs, pictures, and text into a new window. It’s possible to have, for example, a browser window in the sim, but I found it too clunky to use in VR.

thanks this is a good lead I will give it a try.

I can attest that the Follow Me method works fine and I am using a web browser for YouTube inside the sim. You have to use the hand controller to switch focus though instead of the mouse, which is super annoying.

Launch app in wmr, click follow me, enjoy.