I became 100% happier when I switched from flying airliners to GA

Most of the issues in this sim rears its head when flying airliners in IFR. From the crappy ATC, to AP issues, to pixelated clouds when flying too close to them, to blurry ground textures when flying high, poor FPS, etc etc etc…

Switched to GA and none of these issues present themselves. I have always only had interest in airliners and never had any interest with GA (I would do IFR flights all over NA and Europe on the A320)… I decided to download the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service livary for the Grand Caravan and I am doing bush flights all over Africa and Yemen… quite a change but I am 100% happier. Try it.


Still get various problems in GA, especially with the ATC and AP.

For me, it’s best to do a mixture. I’m gradually working my way through all the aircraft, learning a bit new each week.


When I want get somewhere fast but want some ease in flying, I fly the TBM. Good speed, good range and the autopilot works pretty good.


Decided to give the TBM a try after reading your reply… first impressions: I feel claustrophobic in this thing.


It’s actually quite roomy for GA. The 152 and 172 have next to no shoulder room. The one time I actually sat in the left seat for a flight in a 172, the instructor and I were about an inch apart.

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This is what the sim is intended for at least atm.Most of the planes are GA anyway.TBM is a good balance for both VFR and IFR.Low and slow is where this sim shines.


I think movies and TV make private airplanes seem roomy. Most you have duck down and have no real room.

All those problems are also affecting GA if you fly IFR, except perhaps the blurry ground textures. You’ll only get those if you’re flying the TBM or the business jets which got FL300 and up.

But if you’re flying VFR, it’s a lot less aggavating because most of the retarded ATC calls are suddenly out of the mix. You’re not being held at FL180 when you’re right over your airport then told to drop to 2000 ft. Or you’re not told to expect vectors and then never hear from ATC again. Or you’re not directed to lawn dart your plane into the side of a mountain.

You still see pixellation dark areas of clouds if you’re flying above a cloud layer. It doesn’t have to be at high altitude. You just need the right conditions.

But generally, I find flying GA VFR more satisfying. I feel more like I’m flying something vs being a machine operator monitoring an automated system. I do some of that when I fly IFR (which I do often), but I still prefer flying GA over airliners any day. And I particularly love the steam gauge C172 and Mooney M20R because of their simplistic instruments.

If I want high and fast and to go far, I have my Longitude for that. That too beats any airliner in my book.


You must be New! I have seen leaps and bounds within MSFS /95/98/ too many to count https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3UH_TWaGpc Gives some Insight.

I love the Airliners they will Improve over time!

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Thanks to Google, I learned what ”GA” stands for and means tonight speaking of Newbie! :blush:

I’m a Noob… Been doing it for years, but hardware and software dictates! Spent some cash and enjoying myself!

Believe me or not, there are plenty of simmers who never select a Boeing or an Airbus in MSFS. I’m part of them and enjoy (most of) my experience in the sim. There’s a lot to learn and practice in slow & low, steam gauges and VFR flights. For most new simmers or aviation addicts, it’s not fancy but there a small group of silent simmers who extensively take advantage of what MSFS is able to offer.

I appreciate one more General Aviation positive voice here.


Add the Working Title G3000 mod and you have a real gem.

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With either GA or tubeliners, VFR or IFR, guy do try the Online experience on VATSIM, IVAO, Pilotedge networks. If you can handle your machine this will make you do the big leap into the full immersion thing. You’ll forget about low res texture, pixelated clouds and dumb ATC.

Love the TBM. high and fast as well as low and slow. Best of both worlds.

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Yep, I’m mostly a GA flyer in the sim, as I was in real life. The sheer joy of flight and looking out and about makes my day in this sim.

I’ve got into flying the Caravan in New Guinea after watching some YouTube vids and even subscribed to Missionary Pilot’s channel, even though I’m not religious in the least. His amazing flying in to really dangerous terrain and Wx, not to mention the insane landing tiny strips, to bring supplies is a very inspiring, and educational from a flying perspective.

International Airport in Papua New Guinea to the Eastern Highlands Mountains

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A full inch? I’m always shoulder to shoulder.


Absolutely love watching his videos as wel, in fact it’s the only channel i’m subscribed to.

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I’m 6’4", 200 lbs, and have an 18" shoulder width. Luckily, my instructor was a skinny female, but our shoulders were always touching in a 152. I was only 20 at the time and she was cute, so I still LOVE flying the 152 in the sim! Brings back good memories!

On the same boat here, actually an inch taller :sob:
When I used to fly the Cherokee I also had to put ballast in the baggage area to avoid hitting the CG limit :joy:
Bonanza - nightmare - but I love its handling !

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