I can barely hear the engines in the cockpit (PMDG 737-900)!

Hi guys, its been a while i dont fly with PMDG 737-900. I took it for a flight today and i can barely hear the engines while in the cockpit. With the 737-600/700/800 you can hear the engines clerarly but with the 900 not. Is this meant to be like that?


You are a bit farther from the engines in the 900 right?
So yes, it should be a bit quieter


i just found this comparison, the distance to the engines is not that much compared to the 800…
is not that they are a bit quieter but you can barely heard them even in TOGA mode…

I remember reading about this in the pmdg forums when it came out, they said this is by design, I haven’t been inside a 900 cockpit so I can’t be sure.

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you gotta keep in mind PMDG acts like their…products don’t produce foul odors. I’m not a real pilot either so your guess is as good as mine whether or not the engine loudness is accurate

I will say however, if you pan to the rear and sit in an exit row, you can definitely hear engines and how fricken loud they are…

granted, this video doesn’t do the conversation much justice, but even just listening to the engines through their headsets you just barely hear them. Keep in mind, it could just be they are recording headset audio instead of raw audio so compression and mic sensitivity factor here too so take this example with a grain of salt.

I can’t speak about the 737-900, but I fly A319s, 320s, 321s, and most recently, the 321NEO, and the engines of the NEO are eerily quiet compared to some of the others.

So, maybe this is a thing.

I will say that when I flew the 737-200/300/500 and 700 they were loud as Hell, though some of that was wind noise.

So perhaps the 900 finally received a combination of engines and insulation/nose design that could account for the difference?

PMDG’s sense of smell aside. :joy: :wink:

I’d agree. The vast majority of the noise in the 737 cockpit is wind noise, although it was much better in the NG as they put the vortex generators on the nose to break up the airflow. I remember someone measuring the DB in the -300 cockpit for our Union as it far exceeds any health & safety standards and it was pushing 90DB. I never flew the 200 though. That thing was L O U D ! !

I found this which gives you an idea of how loud the ‘Classic’ flightdeck was at 85-90DB;

To the OP, you’d be surprised how little of the engines you can hear in an airliner cockpit though, particularly more modern ones. re The PMDG specifically, check that you have headphone simulation turned OFF. I would have said that the volume in the 700 & 800 is pretty accurate.

Finally, you wouldn’t believe how quiet the 787 flight deck is. You can actually hear aircraft on reciprocal tracks 1000ft above you as they pass overhead. I still find that crazy.




flying the HWa339 and you’d think they forgot to add engine sounds all together XD