I cannot load any different airport and plane - always the same airport and same aircraft - non ascii windows 10 account name

Thank you for your explanation.
I understand the reason for saving so that we can restart a flight.
The problem I am having is that if we save another flight, under another name and in a different location, when running the FLT it is not possible to change the weather.
But I fixed the problem by deleting the CustomFlight file.
It would be better if the software offered erasure when you have finished a flight and come back to the main menu.

Hi @franchimoise,
See my post above as to why this is happening:

Currently there’s 3 work arounds (one of them I would not suggest).

  1. Create a new user account on your PC that does not have any non-ascii chars
  2. You will have to manually delete those 3 files every time you use MSFS
  3. NOT RECOMENDED: This does work but will cause other issues
    See this post:
    And this post:
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Hi Hester40MT
Thank you for your answer.
After a lot of research I found solution 2 on my own.
I had found another solution which was to save the new flight with a name in a personal folder and to reload the FLT file before starting the flight.
But with this solution I lost the possibility of modifying the weather forecast during the flight.
Now that I know the origin of the bug I no longer ask myself any questions and I systematically erase the CustomFlight folder before each new flight.
… Until Microsoft or Zendesk takes into account the report of the bug!
Sorry if my English is not perfect. I am French and I use Goggle translator to correspond.

I fix mine as the following:

1st: In-Game: Turn Bing maps off in Options->Data. It will disable the Bing Map and enabling the loading of the game.

2nd: If your Windows system setting is coded with non-English language, it will cause the glitch. **You will need to change your system’s non-unicode setting to English.

PS: I still experiencing CTD during some flights, but not every flight, very randomly.

With non English letters in your username - you have to able unicode - for a different bug:
GPS nav is corrupted.

I have tested and confirmed - reported to zendesk.
BTW you cannot change username …

I have another strange problem that I also think is related to “non English letters in your username”!

What do you think about this? And thanks for your reporting to zendesk.

Correct - same bug.
Planning Dep and Arrival - example a short route distance 20 nm heading south. Time 30 minutes.
In cockpit:
Heading is totally wrong distance typically 3500 nm . Time 28 hours.

Program the flight in the realistic way. Pick only departure in sim.
Add route info and arrival in cockpit

I tried your alternative (went into the menu and chose a parking space and then programmed the route in the cockpit and taxied to the runway) but it gave the same results as before ie the plane does not follow the route!

The same phenomenon I described earlier:

1- I create a flight plan in the menu from A to B where the starting point in the flight is a parking at airport A and the engines are running. Taxis out to the runway, lifts and engages the autopilot but the aircraft does not follow the given flight plan from A to B.

2- Starts directly from the runway at the same airport as in the case above and the aircraft follows the given route from A to B.

I tested only once with a default aircraft for confirmation. I never use default planes in any sim.
My preferred aircraft is Carenado Mooney .
Selecting only departure airport on the World - hit yellow Fly button
Enter departure and arrival airport into the Garmin GPS . Works fine.

The same with Aerosoft CRJ - programming FMS.

Did you choose a parking space or a runway before you checked-hit the yellow Fly button?

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Hi everyone, I’m having this big problem since I’ve installed the sim (december 2020, premium deluxe edition):
When I want to change the airplane or the airport, it still remains the same. For example, for the first flight, I selected a the A320 at LIBR and it loaded well, the next time, I selected B747 at LIMC, but the simulator still loads the A320 at LIBR. Actually, the only thing that changes is time, from day to night, but everything still remains the same. I tried to uninstall the simulator and re-install it on the Hard disk and on the SSD, I tried to fix the app with app settings and I tried to contact microsoft support(which said “If the problem persist, contact the developers”) but the problem is still there. My PC is new, I bought it in December, so it is not an Hardware problem.
I haven’t installed mods or community packages and I use a mouse, a keyboard and a PS4 controlled with USB connection.

PC specs:
Intel Core i7-10870H CPU @ 2,20GHz
GPU Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650Ti 4GB
256 GB SSD (the sim is installed there)
1TB Hard Disk

I hope you could help me! Thanks in advance

Hello, i have mfs2020 installed but i cannot change airports or planes. For example when I want to launch in a certain airport, the game automatically takes me to the airport where I am going when I launch my game for the first time. I have looked at a lot of forums but I did not find help . Could someone help me please? Thank you.

Hi @NexusGaming17,
I moved your topic into this one so a duplicate isn’t created.

Look at my post here (in this topic):

Thank´s I formatted my PC and input special characters in my username, that solution works to me.

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Pay attention. June 2021 setting Beta UTF-8 cause problems with the flightplan. Dont activate it.

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Add me to the list of people that this bug is affecting.

Seems like there are a lot of temporary fix suggestions and some that could lead to other problems. I’m unsure what to try.

Would be great to end a flight and start a new one without having to restart the game every time.

My game only started doing this about a month ago but it happens every time.

Very frustrating. What is this “report to zendesk” I read?

The post marked as the solution is the one to try, as it’s worked for the most people

“Report to zendesk” refers to raising an official support request via the MSFS zendesk website https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

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Try this and this

Also to add, when I use the JMB plane, I can switch flight paths and it registers but if I change it to any other plane, my new flight path will go back to the previous one.

I was excited to see this post because the “follow these steps” was easy to follow. Unfortunately, I followed the steps(with ease, thanks), but the problem is still there. Actually it was worse as when I restart the game, if I enter a flight path regardless of the plane I choose, the flight path stays. But if I try another flight path after the 1st one has been done, it resorts back to the original flight path. But normally when I restart the game, the first flight path works but when I tried clicking the beta version, when I loaded the game up and set up a flight path, my arrive waypoint was over 2k miles away which must have been from last night.

I really love this game, I advertise the hell out of it, but having to restart after EVERY FLIGHT, is really something that should be fixed.

I’m searching these forums and see several suggestions but ones I am trying either don’t work or other comments say it affects other things which I’m not even trying to substitute another problem for a solution.